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Measurements audio-technica M50

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 * About the Golden Ears Recommendation Index (G.E.R.I.)

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 * Frequency response & perceived sound 


Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Frequency Response



Red:Right, Blue:Left

Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation 

for more information : How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)




Step Response





Impulse Response





Cumulative Spectral Decay





Impulse Phase




Reviewer's Opinion


The following chart is an expression of the reviewer's opinion on this product's measured data and perceived sound, and may include bias from using the Golden Ears reference unit as a standard.


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Clickbank article for fresh and knowledgeable marketers. The way to use equally Amazon and also Clickbank to get untapped niches. Tutorial on how to utilize Clickbank gravity to ascertain profitability. The way to use equally Google and also Clickbank to have traffic and also make the amount of money. pets tutorial

If there is a knack regarding animals or perhaps like them generally speaking then you can certainly leverage this kind of gift inside more techniques than you could realize. First of most perhaps you have thought regarding watching some other peoples pets inside their homes in order to travel the entire world? If an individual haven't you then might after that article. skilled pets

The Collie puppy makes a first-rate sporting puppy, and could be trained to accomplish the task of the particular Pointer plus the Setter, in addition with the Water Spaniel plus the Retriever. He is able to be trained to accomplish the genuine responsibilities connected with other puppy breeds. stunning dog

Enthusiastic about online sports activity betting? Imagine having the power to spend just a couple of minutes per day to discover a match-up, spot a self-confident wager, unwind and observe the huge game allow you to easy funds... You can simply and safely try this at different online sports activity betting web sites. institute sports

Every day of our own lives is characterized by busy daily activities that abandon us almost no time to refresh and discover our interior selves. Many well being specialists have got prescribed exercise for each and every individual which hopes to get an almost all rounded particular person physically, mentally and socially. socialize sports

The past post addressed the importance of comprehending 'whys. ' And so the next plausible 'why' is always to answer: Exactly why play sporting activities? That issue opens any 'can regarding worms' because you can find in truth a few more questions that must be answered ahead of the 'why play' will surely be established. sport answers

Algebra just isn't a tough nut to be able to crack for a lot of the students. They believe it is really challenging to memorize dozens of formulae and apply these properly inside the application issues. This is the reason why finishing the particular algebra homework can be a tedious job for the kids. sports algebra

Participating inside sport it doesn't matter what it will be specifically, offers several values that will easily become forgotten. Oahu is the point with this article to be able to perhaps bring many of these important factors back up to a conscious stage. sports aspect

Introduction to be able to Betting exchanges Betting exchanges offer sporting activities betting enthusiast the chance to both guess on equally horses to be able to win and also back horses to reduce, this is normally known since laying. sports indexer

My own vision will be that an individual should acquire under their particular wings, without disturbing the existing structure regarding "training", all younger potential sportsperson inside the age band of 8 decades to 18 years and also 15 decades to 21/25 decades, for imparting soft expertise and mental literacy. sports optimize

The exhilaration with the trail, the bumps with the road, flying for a couple seconds more than a small hillside and in to a little fish pond, just to be able to emerge on the other side slightly muddy but nevertheless riding could be the dream of each one mountain biker that have ever gone down a natrual enviroment trail. sports overviews

Watches are usually something that each one of us all fascinates when you get numerous features in the wrist observe then obviously it will be the most suitable choice for every person. Watches are usually something, which have been initially supposed to tell an individual time to enable you to have any disciplined and also punctual living. sports pattern

Sure, one can argue we're in the course of an economic downturn, that folks are spending a smaller amount on high end items, the tourism market is enduring, but will not kid oneself. Marketing sports remains a rewarding business. It always continues to be; it always will probably be. sport tactic

Surgical Technologists, also referred to as surgical professionals or surgical techs, have long been perhaps the allied health-related profession in which caters largely to surgical assistance ahead of, during, and after surgical procedures. associates tech

Broadly communicating, the expression 'communications technology' can reference any technology allowing its people to communicate collectively. Using this kind of (indeed loose) classification, two-way radios and cellphones fall in to the category regarding 'communications technology'. comman tech

Failing to guard the PERSONAL COMPUTER is the most frequent reason folks contact technical support and dispose of unnecessary funds. Here are usually some effortless strategies it is possible to implement to guard your PERSONAL COMPUTER and increase its efficiency. consultants tech

In this day and age, Information Engineering services are typical but key. With virtually any business automating or perhaps digitizing the processes and also increasing how much work completed through computers as well as other technology programs, there can be an increasing must understand and select the right kind regarding tech help. enterprises tech

Ice Ball Tech has recently at long last defeated a few of the major questions iced water fanatics are already generally demanding a long time with the particular introduction of your brand-new snow round mould that assures beautifully spherical ice balls each and every time. fun time tech

Computers certainly are a necessity in every businesses today. From bookkeeping to be able to inventory, a lot of the businesses have got computerized capabilities. As due to this reliance upon computers, maintaining them has taken a top seat. softwar tech

Thermolyte can be a technology in which Totes Boot easily use in all of their boots. Thermolyte can be a high technical material that may provide an individual the ease and comfort and warmth you will need for feet in cold weather. This technology may also keep feet dry due to the fact it's water-proof. technology boot

Electronics for instance phones, ipods, video cameras and electronic digital car tips, as properly as bank cards and funds, are in every beach-goer's carrier. While covering valuables beneath your towel on the beach will make you sense better, realistically it gives you little defense from theft while you're out enjoying the lake. technology case

With accounts of impressive growth (and also glowing earnings forecasts), cloud computing seems to have taken an enterprise hold with the industry. There is certainly now a gentle stream regarding migration from your old server sponsor models to the new paradigm inside Internet and web business. technology compute

Without are unsuccessful, anytime any juicy little new engineering hits industry, the exorbitant price puts it away from reach regarding even the middle class Us citizens. One with the latest pioneering technological advances, Dyson's oxygen multiplier, is not any exception. Dyson now gets the most ludicrously overpriced fan now available. technology hit

Brainwave engineering has constantly remained an appealing field regarding study which includes changed just how people see the human brain before. The technology can enhance the particular performance of one's brain and also mind in this particular great way that will you to make greater accomplishment in living. technology pattern

With special occasions quickly getting close to, we all learn to pull out the nice old household recipes that were in our own families regarding generations. I usually like to create a new recipe ingredients to my own collection and also add one more traditional dish/dessert. dreamy fitness

Surely you might have heard not necessarily once that numerous people are usually exercising in the home and you might have probably wondered what exactly is that exactly about. Well training at residence means home medical care. It now is easier, and it really is a good way to burn excess fat and calorie all from the comfort of your property. health care workout

I has been surprised coming from what We have learned concerning barbers and also barber clippers and I will be sharing that here together with you. Before, I has been thinking which the hell would be thinking about such barber clippers but learned that some individuals go crazy about these products. health clipper

Positive terms said from your heart simply by people whose opinion we all value mean a whole lot to us all. Compliments are usually like tiny but extremely valuable items - that feels excellent both to have one also to give a single. And, needless to say, we should do it right, at appropriate times, and a lot importantly coming from our coronary heart. health compliment

How wonderfully our bodies works together to generate movement! The opportunity to move completely range allows us to accomplish each day tasks, and use up favorite spare-time activities or pastimes we take pleasure in. Everybody needs a favorite hobby. health favorite

Pets can have problems with chemical reactions exactly like humans, but as opposed to humans can't tell you they're inside trouble right up until its also late. As opposed to take a possibility on substance flea and also tick repellent, try these home cures. health heeler



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It can be all too all to easy to take your roof over your small business for naturally, and it can be something that a majority of people quite rarely take into consideration during the evening. It is actually there; it's quite possible that it turned out there when you started working for your company, and it are going to be there long when you have moved on another employment. overseebusiness

Learn tips on how to influence your child's behavior with no them figuring out it. Developing young children with substantial self-esteem along with confidence calls for these 5 techniques that teach you how support them get at lifestyle. Give these people the edge they must succeed and they will have the skill sets needed to realize their ambitions. parentinggood

Fleas along with ticks - there's looks like it's no end thus to their recurrence. Fortunately there's an easy way to command this, using Frontline As well as. Here's a new concise guidebook on Frontline As well as and how it will help your doggy. petsrights

This content explains the regular misconception that this sport involving Powerlifting is often a Power sport playing with fact will be the complete complete opposite. It is often a strength game. This content will make clear the difference relating to the two varieties and teach you how the two are exceptional tools for lessons in not only powerlifting nevertheless all athletics. powerfulsport

This installment in the ongoing application writing hint series concentrates on putting your current title to be right for you. This content suggests you up the ante (along with power) by simply including the action oriented title that will demonstrates how we will impact this company. preferjob

Buy minimal, sell substantial, it's a new credo many of us have heard ahead of, and it feels like a sure approach to make income using your real estate investment opportunities, right? Effectively, it's more challenging than that will quote can make it sound and you will need to work diligently to be sure you go to a great, substantial return. preferrealestate

A plumber is often a professional who is liable for repairing along with installing your pipes which have been used to handle sewage along with water. Virtually all plumbers work inside plumbing or air cooling industry, nevertheless nearly 15 percent involving plumbers are generally self-employed. proinjobs

If you have ever thought with regards to growing your hops, stop thinking and initiate now. It is very simple than you would imagine and as well as the knowledge that this beer that you've hand constructed contains hops that you've grown absolutely need back yard and you do have a compelling disagreement to give it a go. purchaseshopping

College individuals are graduation, and Commemorative Day can be fast drawing near, which implies summer is actually here. Getting set for summertime doesn't should be a distressing experience; teach on your own healthy habits that one could continue all year round that will assist you get straight into shape and live in shape. readyforservices

Tending to your growing older parent can be overwhelming along with confusing. A lot of people are cast into these kind of situations with virtually no notice as well as experience. I thought my dad was well-prepared until I ran across out they wasn't. The down sides that appear in the parent-child position reversal is tougher than any individual can be expecting. readyparenting

QR code is often a versatile tool that may be immensely a good choice for real house marketing. Set for being an essential perhaps the real house marketing throughout close potential, it is smart to understand it now. Stay with me to recognize how QR code may help make your current listings offer better. realestateeffort

What was in the past your aspiration home has become your current nightmare. Via no little ones to about three kids, you're running beyond room plus your last nerve have been frayed by simply Jr's hamster which has been out involving his cage to the past 1 week. realestategeo

People are generally avoiding any varieties of investment on account of slump along with poor protection situation throughout Pakistan. On account of recession, residence slump along with terrorism throughout Pakistan, rich along with professional everyone is quickly immigrating for you to advanced cultural welfare international locations. realestatemassive

Even essentially the most luxurious along with expensive homes currently are acquiring it on your act, as household builders are discovering that eco-friendly products will be as useful in addition to being beautiful while their ex - counterparts. realestatescheme

The top ways to cash in on foreclosed residences are to discover them of their pre periods. Unlike hundreds of late nighttime get prosperous quick infomercials need you to consentrate, a property foreclosure home could be the least favorable in your case. realestatetactic

These odd beasts, inhabiting each of our Cosmic Zoo, are usually born a similar way while normal megastars. However, Brown Dwarfs never discover the critical mass that may be necessary for you to ignite his or her nuclear-fusing furnaces. reallycoolsports

Anyone haven't entirely experienced lifestyle to their fullest until eventually you've been recently a parent or guardian. It's an event that many of us as individuals struggle with each day despite obtaining done the idea for a huge number of years. Freelance writers publish textbooks, teachers carry parenting instructional classes, experienced nannies look on broadcast tv. realparentinghelp

It is often a well-known idea that keywords include the backbone in the Internet. With no it, you are unable to do much online, but With these, you could master search engines like google and so generate site visitors for businesses from your own home, which implies sales. selectorbusiness

Keeping your current pool clean is surely an essential portion of being a new responsible share owner. When people get a pool, have a very pool mounted, or get a home which has a pool for the 1st time, they normally do not realize the amount work along with effort retreats into 'keeping the idea up. ha servicesbasic

With many different types of system shops offered, it's imperative that you know which sort to choose to acheive the best maintain your car or truck. Determine the easiest way an vehicle body shop once your vehicle is wanting auto system repair. shoppingaspect

Everyone wishes customized solutions when these are ordering hats in promoting a party. Offering your current clients sublimating services on the custom truck caps is the best way to boost revenue. Here are tricks for ensuring a new flawless result whenever. shoppingmargin

The standard explanation of how are you affected in a new precision appliance shop is pretty simple. It can be an assembly-line course of action, in which in turn numerical requires are fed right machine, which in turn translates those people commands straight into robotic steps, resulting inside creation associated with an object as well as objects coming from a solid stop of organic metal. shoppingprecise

Many individuals are getting to be very successful operational and are getting to be very rich because of their businesses. Several of these individuals have realized fame in the industry community along with their good results stories are generally no secret on the public. specializebusiness

There can be many main reasons why one would wish passport images. A passport sizing photograph is essentially a face photograph of an human deal with showing prominently in addition to an element of the second torso especially the neck. As your name recommends, the 1st place you may want one of such is a new passport. techgenerate

It can be apparent that so as to survive along with thrive inside real house industry right now, real auctions and real estate agents must take hold of every area of technology along with remain in addition to the should continually up grade their devices. technologyforreal

There are a number of opportunities for you to advance your current radiology career should you have one or higher areas involving specialization. Greater specializations you've got, the additional competitive you may be in the position market. techspecially

This month's survey takes us on the western Oughout. S. state involving Oregon and a few fantastic baseball. First somewhat background for the state involving Oregon themselves. Begin which has a little prehistory by next link to find out about Oregon plus the Columbia skill level. travelascend

Koi fish are actually called your national sea food of Japan and they are popular throughout China and across the world. This content describes a history of Koi fish fish breeding and gives useful data regarding how a variety of fish are generally categorised as outlined by their hues and tattoos. travelescalator

Traveling which has a baby in a very car is just not easy, but planning longer when compared with two hours during a period sounds more dreadful. Allow me to share three fantastic tips along with ideas about how to ready yourself, car plus your baby for a real long getaway. travelinglong

Travelling might be a lot of fun, educational along with relaxing. Effectively, it can be suppose to get relaxing, whether it is a trip. Sometimes holidays are certainly not relaxing. To make your trip travel relaxing it is very important plan ahead and still have things prepared. travelrelaxation



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Kanker adalah salah satu penyakit kronis yang bisa menyerang tubuh manusia dan menimbulkan akibat fatal jika tidak mendapatkan pengbatan dengan segera.. sel kanker bisa berkembang biak dalam tubuh dan menyebar ke bagian yang lebih luas. Kanker bisa disebabkan oleh berbagai faktor seperti asap rokok, minuman beralkohol, zat radikal bebas, paparan sinar radiasi, paparan sinar ultra violet, dan lain sebagainya. Terdapat dua macam pengobatan untuk penyakit kanker yaitu pengobatan secara medis dan pengobatan alternative. Pengobatan secara medis dilakukan dengan tiga cara yaitu kemoterapi, radioterapi, dan pembedahan atau operasi. Namun, sayangnya ketiga pengobatan medis ini seringkali menimbulkan efek samping, misalnya radioterapi dan kemoterapi sering menimbulkan efek samping berupa mual yang luar biasa. Sedangkan efek samping dari pembedahaan atau operasi biasanya berupa radang atau infeksi. Obat Alternatif Penyakit Kanker untuk solusi dari kanker yang anda derita silahkan kunjungi blog kami

Selain beberapa solusi medis yang sudah disebutkan tadi, masih ada solusi alternative lain yang dapat menjadi pilihan penderita jika ternyata metode medis itu ternyata tidak ampuh untuk menyembuhkan, yakni solusi alami. Ini merupakan obat alternatif yang lebih murah dibandingkan pengobatan medis, namun tetap diakui efektif. Pengobatan ini juga sudah ada sejak dulu kala, bahkan pada zaman kuno, obat alami ini sudah populer untuk mengobati berbagai penyakit termasuk kutil kelamin. Kutil di Area Kelamin untuk solusi dari kutil kelamin atau kuti di kemaluan yang anda derita silahkan kunjungi sekarang

Ambeyen adalah penyakit yang menyerang tubuh manusia di bagian sekitar anus (dubur), baru bicara soal lokasi ini saja sudah timbul akibat ambeyen yakni penderita enggan membicarakan masalah penyakitnya karena merasa malu dengan penyakit yang menyerang bagian tubuh yang kurang pantas dibicarakan ini. Banyak penderita ambeyen yang menutupi dan melakukan semacam ‘denial’ atau penolakan dalam dirinya bahwa dia menderita penyakit ambeyen. Hal seperti ini saja merupakan sebuah dampak dari penyakit ambeyen terhadap kondisi psikologis si penderita. cara efektif mengobati ambeien dengan cepat untuk solusi dari wasir atau ambeien nanah yang anda derita silahkan kunjungi sekarang

Tanaman kumis kucing memiliki nama latin orthosiphon spicatus BBS dan tanaman ini termasuk jenin tanaman semak, memiliki batang basah, dan tingginya bisa mencapai 1,5 meter. Tanaman kumis kucing bisa tumbuh di tempat yang kering atau basah pada ketinggian 700 meter di atas permukaan laut. Tanaman ini memiliki daun taji berbentuk telur, tepi daun bergerigi kasar, serta memiliki bunga berwarna putih atau ungu. Tanaman kumis kucing tidak hanya dapat dijadikan obat untuk mengatasi penyakit gonorea, akan tetapi juga memiliki beragam khasiat untuk menyembuhkan berbagai macam penyakit lain. Obat Gonore Resep Dokter untuk solusi dari gonore atau kemaluan keluar nanah yang anda derita silahkan

Gejala Penyakit Raja Singa Pada Pria, Pada lelaki yang telah tertular oleh bakteri penyebab Sifilis si Raja Singa akan memiliki gejala-gejala yang mirip dengan apa yang dialami oleh wanita. Perbedaan utamanya ialah bahwa pada tahap pertama, Chancre tersebut akan muncul di daerah penis. Dan pada tahap kedua, akan muncul luka-luka di daerah penis, mulut, tenggorokan, dubur dan daerah lainnya pada tubuh. Cara mengobati sipilis untuk solusi dari penyakit sipilis yang anda derita silahkan

Ambeyen adalah penyakit yang menyerang tubuh manusia di bagian sekitar anus (dubur), baru bicara soal lokasi ini saja sudah timbul akibat ambeyen yakni penderita enggan membicarakan masalah penyakitnya karena merasa malu dengan penyakit yang menyerang bagian tubuh yang kurang pantas dibicarakan ini. Banyak penderita ambeyen yang menutupi dan melakukan semacam ‘denial’ atau penolakan dalam dirinya bahwa dia menderita penyakit ambeyen. Hal seperti ini saja merupakan sebuah dampak dari penyakit ambeyen terhadap kondisi psikologis si penderita. Obat Wasir untuk solusi dari wasir atau ambeien yang anda derita silahkan

Kanker adalah salah satu penyakit kronis yang bisa menyerang tubuh manusia dan menimbulkan akibat fatal jika tidak mendapatkan pengbatan dengan segera.. sel kanker bisa berkembang biak dalam tubuh dan menyebar ke bagian yang lebih luas. Kanker bisa disebabkan oleh berbagai faktor seperti asap rokok, minuman beralkohol, zat radikal bebas, paparan sinar radiasi, paparan sinar ultra violet, dan lain sebagainya. Terdapat dua macam pengobatan untuk penyakit kanker yaitu pengobatan secara medis dan pengobatan alternative. Pengobatan secara medis dilakukan dengan tiga cara yaitu kemoterapi, radioterapi, dan pembedahan atau operasi. Namun, sayangnya ketiga pengobatan medis ini seringkali menimbulkan efek samping, misalnya radioterapi dan kemoterapi sering menimbulkan efek samping berupa mual yang luar biasa. Sedangkan efek samping dari pembedahaan atau operasi biasanya berupa radang atau infeksi. untuk solusi dari kanker yang anda derita silahkan kunjungi website

Ambeyen adalah penyakit yang menyerang tubuh manusia di bagian sekitar anus (dubur), baru bicara soal lokasi ini saja sudah timbul akibat ambeyen yakni penderita enggan membicarakan masalah penyakitnya karena merasa malu dengan penyakit yang menyerang bagian tubuh yang kurang pantas dibicarakan ini. Banyak penderita ambeyen yang menutupi dan melakukan semacam ‘denial’ atau penolakan dalam dirinya bahwa dia menderita penyakit ambeyen. Hal seperti ini saja merupakan sebuah dampak dari penyakit ambeyen terhadap kondisi psikologis si penderita. obat ambeien stadium 6 kunjungi blog kami Klik untuk info selengkapnya

Selain beberapa solusi medis yang sudah disebutkan tadi, masih ada solusi alternative lain yang dapat menjadi pilihan penderita jika ternyata metode medis itu ternyata tidak ampuh untuk menyembuhkan, yakni solusi alami. Ini merupakan obat alternatif yang lebih murah dibandingkan pengobatan medis, namun tetap diakui efektif. Pengobatan ini juga sudah ada sejak dulu kala, bahkan pada zaman kuno, obat alami ini sudah populer untuk mengobati berbagai penyakit termasuk kutil kelamin. Mengobati Kondiloma Akuminata untuk solusi dari kondiloma akuminata atau kutil kelamin yang anda derita silahkan Klik untuk info selengkapnya

Tahap Primer Penyakit Sipilis, Sebuah sakit chancre berkembang pada tempat infeksi dari dua sampai empat minggu setelah infeksi terjadi. Luka tidak menimbulkan rasa sakit 75 % dari waktu. Chancre dimulai sebagai titik merah kusam, berubah menjadi jerawa, yang mengalami ulserasi, membentuk bulat atau oval sakit dengan pinggiran merah. Menyembuhkan sakit dalam 4-6 minggu – Namun, infeksi masih ada. Luka biasanya ditemukan pada alat kelamin atau anus , tetapi dapat muncul pada setiap bagian dari kulit. Obat Sipilis apa itu kanker payudara..? penjelasan selengkapnya tentang sipilis atau raja singa silahkan kunjungi blog kami

Tanaman kumis kucing memiliki nama latin orthosiphon spicatus BBS dan tanaman ini termasuk jenin tanaman semak, memiliki batang basah, dan tingginya bisa mencapai 1,5 meter. Tanaman kumis kucing bisa tumbuh di tempat yang kering atau basah pada ketinggian 700 meter di atas permukaan laut. Tanaman ini memiliki daun taji berbentuk telur, tepi daun bergerigi kasar, serta memiliki bunga berwarna putih atau ungu. Tanaman kumis kucing tidak hanya dapat dijadikan obat untuk mengatasi penyakit gonorea, akan tetapi juga memiliki beragam khasiat untuk menyembuhkan berbagai macam penyakit lain. Obat Gonore De nature untuk solusi dari Gonore atau kencing nanah yang anda derita silahkan

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Ritz Carlton in accordance with an equal quantity of enthusiasm, whether we certainly have just been given back by some ten-minute jaunt in your post facility or returned by using a 21-day Mediterranean cruise. Too, studies discuss that pet owners live much longer than your partner's or her's "petless" counterparts.

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