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2015.10.28 22:12

Speedos force game forfeiture at san pasqual high Escondido the boys' varsity water polo team at san pasqualhigh school was defeated by its own speedo swimsuits last week.The team was forced to forfeit its first preseason game sept.5against Patrick Henry High after all but two team members weresuspended from the game several days earlier for defying schooladministrators by wearing their Speedos at a school event.On sept.1, 15 of the team's 17 players ran onto the school'sfootball field during"Jersey night,"An event that honors theschool's athletes, wearing nothing but a swim cap and a speedoswimsuit in front of a crowd of parents, students and staffmembers, the team's coach principal martin Griffinsaid the students weren't suspendedfrom their first game for wearing speedos at jersey night butbecause they defied school administrators' orders not to do so.Asschool officials introduced each of san pasqual high's athleticteams, the water polo players ran off the field, stripped down, andran back for their introductions. "They were told very clearly after they had left the field thatthey were not to go out onto the field with their speedos on,"Griffin"The issue is that there was blatant defiance of abut ed talbott, the school's water polo and swimming coach, said
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