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2015.10.25 22:49

Louboutin unveils disney inspired cinderella high heels Known for his studded red sole high heels and for his recent link to kim kardashian's peta infuriating thigh high boots christian louboutin might seem like an odd designer to be collaborating with disney.But late last night as part of paris fashion week the french shoe designer unveiled his most recent creation a very limited edition cinderella slipper. Walt disney studios Only twenty of the swarovski crystal covered heels will be created and they won't be up for sale.The shoes will be used a promotional give away during the release of disney's"Cinderella"On blu ray this fall.Details about the contest have not yet been released.There have been early indications that there will be just one winner of the limited edition shoe per country, which will make them an even more hotly sought after collector's item. Creating the iconic shoe was a challenge for the highly skilled fashion designer.At the star studded late night soiree where the shoe was revealed he told the crowd,"You imagine it being completely transparent, out of glass.But full and classical transparency made into a shoe makes a really ugly foot. " Instead he went for a less transparent look and covered the shoe in crystal butterflies.The cinderella shoes also feature the red soles that louboutin considers so much his own trademark that he has sued fellow designers for using a similar look. While louboutin would not confirm future collaborations with disney sketches and promotional materials released by the company show shoe molds labeled with the names of other early disney princesses including aurora from"Sleeping beauty"And snow white. Louboutin will also be starring in a ten minute disney short film that will make its debut on the cinderella blu ray disc.Styled after louboutin's favorite disney film,"Bedknobs and broomsticks,"The bonus film will tell the story of how the cinderella slipper was invented by the"Red sole man. "Louboutin's disney short is entitled"The magic of the glass slipper:A cinderella story. " View slideshow:Iconic shoes by christian louboutin Louboutin is currently the subject of a retrospective fashion exhibit being held at the design museum in london.He is one of the best known designers in the world.Louboutin shoes retail for thousands of dollars and have become a favorite of knock off resellers.Louboutin recently launched an online initiative to help clients be sure they are buying authentic shoes.
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