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2015.10.08 21:21

Philadelphia fashion A lasting trend in the philly fashion scene is the rock and roll look of studs and spikes.This is by far a favorite trend of the year and it's only getting bigger.Whether you are toting the trend through your accessories, wearing a pair of ferociously embellished shoes, or your garments have been carefully bejeweled with these rocker chic details, there's a good chance you have jumped on the trend bandwagon. Not only in street fashion will you find this apparent, it's also a large part of the runways and designer collections as well.The look of studs is generally a bit more subdued and a bit less scary, but don't be afraid of the spikes.There are small ways in which you can easily incorporate either of these styles into your wardrobe, while adding a little bit of edge to your ensemble. Both studs and spikes come in a multitude of sizes as well as a narrow choice of color(Generally silver or gold tones)Allowing you to pick the degree in which you're donning the trend.If you want to start small, try finding a bag with some subtle stud detail;Possibly resembling alexander wang's rocco bag.If you are already comfortable with the look and you want to go big, try something like a seriously spiked bracelet(Check out rachel rachel roy's stretch spike bracelet)Or a pair of spiked up shoes(Get inspired by christian louboutin's bridget's back spiked platform). Finding pieces that follow this trend is simple.Try top stitch boutique or vagabond, which are both in old city philly, or urban outfitters, joan shepp, and knitwit, which are all located on walnut st.
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