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2015.09.21 23:21

Hulu's owners again call off sale Again call off sale Like lucy yanking the football away from charlie brown just when he's about to kick it, the owners of hulu have once again pulled back on selling the popular online television site. Those lying flat on their backs include satellite broadcaster directv, cable operator time warner cable and the chernin group, which was partnering with at on a bid. This is the second time in less than two years that walt disney and 21st century fox have gone through an elaborate auction process to sell the site only to get cold feet.Hulu's third owner comcast's nbcuniversal is a silent partner in the site.That was one of the conditions the government imposed on comcast in return for granting approval of its deal to take control of nbcuniversal. Instead of selling, the three companies said they would invest $750 million in hulu. (Even though comcast has no say in the running of hulu, it has to pony up $250 million. ) Those left at the altar are not happy about the change of heart. View graphic Grilling is a popular american pastime. "It's hard enough for one company to make a decision.With two, it is impossible,"Said an executive at one of the companies that had been bidding for hulu. Directv, the most aggressive of the bidders, was hoping hulu could give it a new platform to woo subscribers.The mood friday at the satellite broadcaster was dark, after executives had spent weeks involved in the bidding process.Treasury department said friday.Concerns over the growing problem of the cyber enabled theft of trade secrets and business confidential information,"The statement said.Economic losses from intellectual property theft have mounted. China's commitment in the talks to move to a market determined exchange rate for its currency"Is a critical part of china's efforts to rebalance its economy,"The treasury said. A market based exchange rate"Will both reorient chinese production towards goods for domestic residents and strengthen the purchasing power of the growing chinese middle class,"It added. Reuters Also in business L us airways group shareholders moved the carrier a step closer to an $11 billion merger with amr's american airlines by approving the combination in a vote friday.The all stock tie up, which will create the world's largest airline, was backed by more than 99 percent of shares voted at the company's annual meeting in new york, us airways said in a statement.Its stockholders will own 28 percent of the combined carrier, with the rest going to creditors in amr's bankruptcy.In a federal lawsuit filed in new york, michael kors, whose bags can retail for several hundred dollars, said costco advertised them as starting at $99 but didn't actually have any to sell.Costco recently has been sued by tiffany co.For alleged illegal use of the jeweler's trademarks.Costco wholesale officials didn't immediately reply to an e mail seeking comment. L fitch ratings has lowered france's principal credit rating by a notch to"Aa+"From"Aaa,"Reflecting the country's elevated government debt and weak economy.France's socialist government unveiled a modest stimulus plan this week focusing on new technology and ecology in an attempt to boost europe's no.2 economy, which is back in recession.The other two big rating agencies, moody's investors service and standard poor's, downgraded france's rating last year. L a big jump in gasoline prices pushed wholesale inflation up in june by the largest amount in nine months.But underlying inflation showed only a modest gain.Wholesale prices rose 0.8 percent in June, compared with May, when prices rose 0.5 percent, the Labor Department reported Friday.It was the biggest gain since a 1 percent jump in september and was driven by a 7.2 percent surge in gasoline prices.
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