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2015.10.08 21:20

Parker griffith switches sides In substantive terms, i'm not particularly surprised that rep.Parker griffith, a freshman democrat from alabama, is joining the republicans.Barack obama got 37 percent in griffith's district, and griffith himself voted against the budget, the stimulus, cap and trade, financial regulation, heath care reform, and talked about voting against making nancy pelosi speaker.When you've got a guy from a republican district who votes like a republican when people are watching and is facing an election where republicans are likely to win back marginal seats, it's not that difficult to predict what's about to happen. But the optics of these things are bad for democrats, and it's more evidence that 2010 is going to be a republican year.More specifically for health care reform, griffith is a radiation oncologist, and the gop is going to use his switch to whip up a doctors against health care story.That might work, but only because the media isn't always that bright.Last night, the american medical association which is the largest doctor's association endorsed the senate bill.The most recent major poll i've seen of doctors was released by the robert woods johnson foundation in september, and it showed that doctors not only support health care reform, but they also support its more liberal ideas, like the public option and medicare buy in. Say what you will about griffith, but a freshman congressman from alabama who's terrified about his reelection is not really a representative sample of the medical community. Let him go.Rather have him show his true colors than be an unreliable turncoat.And while i have no doubt the dems will lose some seats in 2010(As does the major party in virtually any off year election), no matter all the media pundits' hand wringing I don't see the public flocking to the GOP. And the more the gop stonewalls and shoots themselves in the foot(Voting against military funding? ), the more ad fodder the Democrats have available.Do you honestly think that even the most blue of blue dogs could come close to becoming something the republican taliban would vote for?I think you need to put the liquid paper cap back on and go get some fresh air.I also find them tied mostly to democratic poll misfortunes associated with governance, but not weighing the gop's sorry image as well.One party's efforts at governance meeting resistance don't automatically translate into opposition gains.You need attractive candidates and an alternative vision for the country that transcends tax cuts.I don't think this rump and regional party is close to connecting with voters in what is, arguably, a democratic era.Are members of the ama.I'm related to more than 7 doctors, and i know more than 30, and every one of them, democrat and republican alike, are opposed to these bills.Nothing will make a darn bit of difference until medical malpractice reform is real, and medicare/medicaid is fixed, and open competition across state lines for insurance is real.This bill is nothing more than attempt to shove us closer and closer to single payer further down the road.But then, you probably already know that, and like that idea.And we are talking about the house not the senate.It think the consensus amongst democrats is"Parker who? " A really really bad day for a democrat is any day sarah palin speaks, only because we cannot understand how stupid some people are and more disconcerting is that she has followers. One last thing, for all their griping the south is the largest recipient of federal funds for welfare, government health care, housing, etc.In fact in many cases they receive more money than they pay out.And the traditionally democratic states are the ones who pay the tab.I am 100000% for less federal government spending and taxation.That money should go to the individual states.Screw the south. This guy is a tea bagger anyway.Good riddance.Even if the party of no regains all the 48 seats in those districts mccain won in '08, it would still have a deficit of at least 31 seats and i don't expect that.Maybe 10 to 15 seats, but no more.I expect the dems to retain control of both houses in 2010.Furthermore, we are a long way from 2010 and once the dems start enacting laws, the polls would eventually change.The people love a winner and the dems will be following the healthcare vote.Trust me, republicans will probably want healthcare to be a thing of the past.They have no second act if things start looking up.And to my fellow lefties, it's easier to change a bill once it's being enacted than to go back from zero.He was a republican who went astray.This certainly is not a sign of a republican rise in 2010.The two new republican governors are already proving to be dirtbags(One is an all out bushie, cutting over a billion in tax slashing for the wealthiest). Also, the republicans did more than anyone to reveal themselves to be fringe extremists who are a danger to our nation.They lie at least as much as fox"News. "The crazier ones(Palin, wilson, bachmann)Are far removed from living in reality and would benefit from time in psychiatric hospitals.I have this old frying pan whose sides are at right angles to its base.Last night i had some baked chicken and after dinner put the bones near the radiator where they dried out.Anyway i put the bones in the pan and shook it.Guess what?The arrangement of the bones shows a bad omen for the dems.The thing is that only people who don't like the dems and want the gop to win the next election cycles can make out the arrangement.To everyone else it just looks like a bunch of chicken bones in a pan.
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