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michael kors

2014.08.04 07:12

I have to say, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with patent leather. Perhaps it all stems from my childhood since I michael kors outlet online sale vividly remember wearing a pair of patent leather michael kors sale “fancy” shoes for Christmas one year. The shoes looked great with my plaid skirt, but to this day, I remember how much those shoes hurt my feet. So, maybe it wasn’t the patent leather I had an issue with, but the shoes themselves. Either way, I think you catch my drift. No matter where my love/hate relationship comes from, I have to say, I absolutely love, Love, LOVE the Michael Kors Large Patent Leather Clutch. As soon as I saw best cyber monday deals 2014 the clutch, it caught my eye.
In case you thought that perhaps the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Tote juggernaut could be stopped, we are here this morning to prove you sale michael kors site wrong. The bag, which continues to fly off the shelf in its most sought-after colors, is making a reappearance for the impending warm weather in a host of half-canvas, michael kors nylon tote half-leather iterations that lighten up the bag’s weight as well as its already reasonable price tag. If you’re preppy, on a budget and looking for a new spring bag, michael kors outlet online you’re going to want to check this out.
Once again, I love the single shoulder strap and other gold toned hardware. It is clear that this bag is elegant yet michael kors bags chic, timeless yet urban. Yet no matter which way you slice or dice it, I think we will most almost all agree; this bag is fabulous. Sometimes you look michael michael kors handbag at a bag and know immediately what it reminds you of, without having to give it much thought or effort. Those are my favorite bags – it’s like they michael michael kors jet set tote come with a blog post built-in for my convenience! And really, it’s thoughtful for designers to help me out like that. Who said that fashionistas never think of others? michael kors And today, fake-tanned mensch Michael Kors is here to help with the Michael Kors Runway Clutch. The little evening bag has the distinct look of the late 80s and michael kors cyber monday deals 2014 early 90s to me – an era of bright colors, strong shoulder pads, and shiny accessories. Patent neon pink is probably one of the strongest color statements a designer michael kors puffer coat can make with a bag, and a shade like this references a very specific period in time – about 20 years ago.
It’s not too terribly surprising that Heidi michael kors outlet carries a good bit of Michael Kors, given the professional relationship they built over the course of 10 seasons together on Project Runway. In case you weren’t aware, Michael michael kors laptop bag left the show at the end of 2012, and was replaced by Zac Posen for the January 2013 cycle of PR. Heidi is by all reports still playing host michael kors handbags outlet and judge, though there were a lot or rumors she wouldn’t return after accepting her gig on America’s Got Talent.
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