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How we measure (Earphones, Headphones ...)

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Normally, speakers are measured in an anechoic chamber with the microphone calibrated exactly a meter away from the tweeter.


But in the case of headphones and earphones, it is often impractical to have the measuring equipment in this configuration. This is because headphones and earphones seal the air around the ears when worn, which changes their sound significantly.


Because of this, headphones and earphones are measured using a dummy, such as the Ear Simulator or the Head and Torso Simulator, which emulate the environment in which they are used. The microphones here are located so as to mimic the human body as much as possible, situated where eardrums would be in a person.


Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)

Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)





However, once the microphones are out of the anechoic chamber and inside the simulated ear canal, there is another variable: the microphone registers different frequencies based on where it is within the ear. This is due to the resonance caused by the structure of the canal, and tends to occur around the 3 KHz mark.


The distortion, of course, requires compensation, and a correct calibration is essential for an accurate measurement. The graph below is the calibration used with the Bruel & Kjaer Head and Torso Simulator Type 4128C, the model currently used at Golden Ears. The calibration is obtained from the characteristic response in a Diffuse Sound Field, as headphones and earphones have a sound similar to that in this environment.


The calibration chart for Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)

The calibration chart for Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)






The strict usage of the word ‘flat’, as applied to speakers, implies that the frequency response curve is flat in a testing environment - namely, the anechoic chamber. Then the question is: would ‘flat’ speakers still sound flat when used in a listening room, a theatre, or a recording studio?


There are several data that answer this question - the first graph, courtesy of Etymotic Research, shows the characteristic response of a recording studio with high-end equipment.



Loudspeaker Room-Equalized Response
Five Recommendations

Loudspeaker Room-Equalized Response


Notice that the ‘flat’ speakers actually represent progressively weaker responses in the studio as the frequency increases - this is similar to the X-Curve, the standard to which theatrical setups are tuned, and also to the Golden Ears office.


The Small Room X-Curve


As master recordings are created in a studio with this characteristic, further calibration must be done in order to make the response more accurately resemble what we perceive.


At Golden Ears, all frequency response graphs are calibrated with this in mind.





















Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)

Bruel & Kjaer Type 4128C HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)


  GRAS IEC711 Coupler

GRAS IEC711 Coupler


 Bruel & Kjaer Artificial Ear Type 4152

Bruel & Kjaer Artificial Ear Type 4152 


 Bruel & Kjaer NEXUS Conditioning Amplifier

Bruel & Kjaer NEXUS Conditioning Amplifier


 Bruel & Kjaer Type 2669 Microphone pre-amplifier

Bruel & Kjaer Type 2669 Microphone pre-amplifier


 Earthworks M30 Measurement Microphone

Earthworks M30 Measurement Microphone


  GRAS Artificial Ear Type 43AC

GRAS Artificial Ear Type 43AC  

 Creative Commons License
Images, text and measured data by Golden Ears Corporation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Golden Ears Test System - for more information (Link)
1. HATS: Bruel & Kjær - Head and Torso Simulator Type 4128C
2. Microphone Amplifier: Bruel & Kjær - NEXUS Conditioning Amplifier 
3. Audio Interface: Lynx L22
4. DAC: Golden Ears D/A Converter
5. Headphone Amplifier: Golden Ears Headphone Amplifier 

How we test
1. Headphone / Earphone
2. Speaker
3. Amplifier / DAP

How to read G.E. Graph
1. Earphone / Headphone
2. Speaker (Directivity Pattern)
3. DAP / Amplifier


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This information is specializing in revealing manner updates along with trends your Urban means while disclosing different secrets of each one brand. This information will feature several of America's along with Asia's Prime Brands and exposing their downtown yet popular designs for ones eyes for you to capture. fashoinstyle

This Toolkit for ones Start-up Work from home business outlines the many basic guidelines you simply must get your home business up along with running. The target is in order that you have the many relevant information and also a structured tactic in taking your business off of the ground immediately. businessmom

All civil societies pay wide range of emphasis for the rule involving law. The designed countries may be proud with their strict enforcement involving law as you move the poor nations will often be ashamed that they can can't create their modern society law compliant. lawcorner

Scams abound inside online business sector. This information tells you what you should avoid and what you should jump in. There are generally legitimate companies around and a lot of people enjoy the rewards mystery searching brings. shoppingtalk

Prefer a smart household, you aren't required to go out and buying a brand-new home. You can create changes for a current household, adding along with installing features that one could control which has a computer, a new tablet, or possibly a mobile mobile phone. Smart household products are generally popular for a lot of reasons: smarthomeimprovement

Anyone indeed ended up born undressed, but units later a new midwife wraps anyone in swaddling (precisely how trendy the outfit can be that! )#), and you could have been donning clothes since that time. While a number of females get mastered your art involving African fashion and search fabulous continuously, many still fight to figure all this out. fashion101

This is the complete technique. It is just not a one product that will promises to switch your system to impracticable proportions. Nor are you gonna be given promises which a single product or service will be the explanation of turning your well being from undesirable to exceptional. 101health

There are generally 28 million small business owners in the united states. The sad the fact is that many fail from the first number of years of function. The smaller percentage that will survive continue to be small once and for all. A decide on few be capable of grow straight into huge corporations. smallfinance

Today's routines have improved greatly with additional people staying too busy to discover time to approach one keep after another attempting to find what they really want. With countless online corporations, it is just not even difficult to acquire what you desire within minutes and have the idea delivered right for your doorstep. Benefit is precisely what online onlinebuy

The modern Year could possibly be well along with done nevertheless it doesn't imply home changes are around. Quite the other actually considering that new resources, designs along with ideas are simply starting show up for 2011. There are many great ideas that men and women including larger ladies and handicraft fans can try on or research on. homeimprovementideas

While Online take a trip is finding and catching the expensive of American indian travelers, a terrific demand features arisen pertaining to authentic on-line Travel Books. Both On-line Travel Guides the ones in produce have their unique set involving advantages along with limitations mytravelguide

Nowadays adult men are be subject to even additional style critique than girls. If you happen to be stuck in a very fashion ditch, or are actually told one lots of times which you are required a guy style guidebook, read on for a lot of great options for fashion suggestions online. fashionadvice

A lot of people are reluctant to acquire health insurance plan, because it can be expensive. On the other hand, getting health care insurance is another thing that mustn't be avoided. Using several unsettling health reports reports currently about brand-new and widespread diseases, besthealth

Do you need fabrics? There are generally two main varieties of fabrics that one could go using: knitted along with woven. Knitted fabrics are set up when anyone intertwine loops involving fibers around the other. Knitted fabrics are generally soft along with stretchy. aboutlaw

This content is a new mystery shopper's product writeup on the firm Secret Customer. It explains that this terms unknown shopper along with secret customer are generically compatible, but that this name in the company can be Secret Customer. proshopper

Ideation will be the creative technique of generating, establishing, and communicating new company ideas. If we plan for you to launch a whole new business, we sometimes leverage a pre-existing concept as well as we develop your own unique notion. hosueideas

London. Your vibrant, beating cardiovascular of britain. It's one of several world's most favored destinations pertaining to tourists, along with for organization travellers way too. The volume of commerce that goes thru London can be staggering mrtravel

Creative amazing from different parts of the entire world taking fashion, beauty along with definition involving fashion for you to its border, promotional linchpin of an multibillion-dollar sector, I am speaking about nothing in addition but Manner Weeks fashionhosue

Let me educates you on a small article that will assist you keep a quantity headed straight into what's very good and what is actually not, inside wonderful entire world of appropriate food choices guides. Helpful thoughts that will certainly put you for the straight along with narrow. healthiness

Do your current inside along with outside teams communicate in harmony to get sales and profits or accomplish they occur in entire world apart vying to the same locates and records? If your current inside along with outside sales team are certainly not firing in all cylinders this information is in your case insidelaw

Scams abound inside online business sector. This information tells you what you should avoid and what you should jump in. There are generally legitimate companies around and a lot of people enjoy the rewards mystery searching brings. shoppingadvice

The green house is surely an environmentally low-impact property designed along with built employing technology along with materials that will reduces their carbon footprint and brings down its electricity needs. An green house is often a new scorching thing in todays world. housedecor

Indian claims have long been ruled by simply kings along with queens. A large number of cities still support the old entire world royal allure. If you would like some particular tour package by yourself you must opt for various packages intended for a high-class tour for you to India. luxurytour

Picking one beyond many manner jobs generally is surely an overwhelming obstacle. There are several unique opportunities inside fashion industry that you not make certain which an example may be best in your case. With the sought after demand for manner jobs, fashionicon

On this page I make clear research My spouse and i conducted so as to understand precisely why people believe appropriate food choices is now more expensive when compared with unhealthy foodstuff. I examine your data I executed and form a judgment using the results via my taste. healthyday

Why you may need professional legislations advice regarding accident injury is often a query of countless across the globe. This question is just not limited for you to any place or land as injuries occur everywhere and the wonderful would like to know about legal representatives lawadvice

They are generally sites that will let audience know your updates in current tendencies and offers. It can be obvious to view what associate programs are involving shopping on-line, but a lot of people may certainly not realize your disadvantages involving shopping websites. shoppingblog

When it relates to college existing, the non-profit student homes development option can often be overlooked. On the other hand, there are lots of benefits to planning this option, starting while using development's core focus: your young higher education scholar. housedevelopment

A Mastermind class is an effective way to express resources, knowledge and expertise with similar to minded men and women. The value of an Mastermind Class to that may help you improve functionality and obtain goals considerably quicker than in case one operated automatically. grouptour

These days and nights, luxury is centered on individuality. What are bones of an winning search and how may you put these people together to your own success? If we please take a close search and assessment the alterations fashion had to pass through, at least over the last 10 several years, fashionkeeper



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Do your current inside along with outside teams communicate in harmony to get sales and profits or accomplish they occur in entire world apart vying to the same locates and records? If your current inside along with outside sales team are certainly not firing in all cylinders this information is in your case  <a href="">Bisnis Borneo</a>



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