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Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Frequency Response




 Eartip: Silicone /Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Subjectively Percieved Tonal Balance>

Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation + Bass Compensation

for more information : How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)



       Eartip: Silicone /Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Raw Data from Ear Simulator>



Blue: After modification by Accudio™ / Green: Before modification

<Power-Average of Left and Right>

 more infomation on Accudio™



Step Response





Impulse Response





Cumulative Spectral Decay





Impulse Phase





Reviewer's Opinion


The following chart is an expression of the reviewer's opinion on this product's measured data and perceived sound, and may include bias from using the Golden Ears reference unit as a standard.



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Up at the League, says a friend, there had been one night a brisk conversational discussion, as to what would happen on the Morrow of the Revolution, finally shading off into a vigorous statement by various friends of their views on the future of the fully-developed new society. Says our

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friend: Considering the subject, the discussion was good-tempered; for those present being used to public meetings and after-lecture debates, if they did not listen to each others�� opinions (which could scarcely be expected of them), at all events did not always attempt to speak all together, as is the custom of people in ordinary polite society when conversing on a subject which interests them. For the rest, there were six persons present, and consequently six sections of the party were represented, four of which had strong but divergent Anarchist opinions. One of the sections, says our friend, a man whom he knows very well indeed, sat almost silent at the beginning of the discussion, but at last got drawn into it, and finished by roaring out very loud, and damning all the rest for fools; after which befel a period of noise, and then a lull, during which the aforesaid section, having said good-night very amicably, took his way home by himself to a western suburb, using the means of travelling which civilisation has forced upon us like a habit. As he sat in that vapour-bath of hurried and discontented humanity, a carriage of the underground railway, he, like others, stewed discontentedly, while in self-reproachful mood he turned over the many excellent and conclusive arguments which, though they lay at his fingers�� ends, he had forgotten in the just past discussion. But this frame of mind he was so used to, that it didn��t last him long, and

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after a brief discomfort, caused by disgust with himself for having lost his temper (which he was also well used to), he found himself musing on the subject-matter of discussion, but still discontentedly and unhappily. ��If I could but see a day of it,�� he said to himself; ��if I could but see it!�� As he formed the words, the train stopped at his station, five minutes�� walk from his own house, which stood on the banks of the Thames, a little way above an ugly suspension bridge. He went out of the station, still discontented and unhappy, muttering ��If I could but see it! if I could but see it!�� but had not gone many steps towards the river before (says our friend who tells the story) all that discontent and trouble seemed to slip off him. It was a beautiful night of early winter, the air just sharp enough to be refreshing after the hot room and the stinking railway carriage. The wind, which had lately turned a point or two north of west, had blown the sky clear of all cloud save a light fleck or two which went swiftly down the heavens. There was a young moon halfway up the sky, and as the home-farer caught sight of it, tangled in the branches of a tall old elm, he could scarce bring to his mind the shabby London suburb where he was, and he felt as if he were in a pleasant country place �� pleasanter,

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indeed, than the deep country was as he had known it. He came right down to the river-side, and lingered a little, looking over the low wall to note the moonlit river, near upon high water, go swirling and glittering up to Chiswick Eyot: as for the ugly bridge below, he did not notice it or think of it, except when for a moment (says our friend) it struck him that he missed the row of lights down stream. Then he turned to his house door and let himself in; and even as he shut the door to, disappeared all remembrance of that brilliant logic and foresight which had so illuminated the recent discussion; and of the discussion itself there remained no trace, save a vague hope, that was now become a pleasure, for days of peace and rest, and cleanness and smiling goodwill. In this mood he tumbled into bed, and fell asleep after his wont, in two minutes�� time; but (contrary to his wont) woke up again not long after in that curiously wide-awake condition which sometimes surprises even good sleepers; a condition under which we feel all our wits preternaturally sharpened, while all the miserable muddles we have ever got into, all the disgraces and losses of our lives, will insist on thrusting themselves forward for the consideration of those sharpened wits. In this state he lay (says our friend) till he had almost begun to enjoy it: till the tale of his stupidities amused him, and the

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entanglements before him, which he saw so clearly, began to shape themselves into an amusing story for him. He heard one o��clock strike, then two and then three; after which he fell asleep again. Our friend says that from that sleep he awoke once more, and afterwards went through such surprising adventures that he thinks that they should be told to our comrades, and indeed the public in general, and therefore proposes to tell them now. But, says he, I think it would be better if I told them in the first person, as if it were myself who had gone through them; which, indeed, will be the easier and more natural to me, since I understand the feelings and desires of the comrade of whom I am telling better than any one else in the world does.Well, I awoke, and found that I had kicked my bedclothes off; and no wonder, for it was hot and the sun shining brightly. I jumped up and washed and hurried on my clothes, but in a hazy and half-awake condition, as if I had slept for a long, long while, and could not shake off the weight of slumber. In fact, I rather took it for granted that I was at home in my own room than saw that it was so. When I was dressed, I felt the place so hot that I made haste to get out of the room and out of the house; and my first feeling was

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a delicious relief caused by the fresh air and pleasant breeze; my second, as I began to gather my wits together, mere measureless wonder: for it was winter when I went to bed the last night, and now, by witness of the river-side trees, it was summer, a beautiful bright morning seemingly of early June. However, there was still the Thames sparkling under the sun, and near high water, as last night I had seen it gleaming under the moon. I had by no means shaken off the feeling of oppression, and wherever I might have been should scarce have been quite conscious of the place; so it was no wonder that I felt rather puzzled in despite of the familiar face of the Thames. Withal I felt dizzy and queer; and remembering that people often got a boat and had a swim in mid-stream, I thought I would do no less. It seems very early, quoth I to myself, but I daresay I shall find someone at Biffin��s to take me. However, I didn��t get as far as Biffin��s, or even turn to my left thitherward, because just then I began to see that there was a landing-stage right before me in front of my house: in fact, on the place where my next-door neighbour had rigged one up, though somehow it didn��t look like that either. Down I went on to it, and sure enough among the empty boats moored to it lay a man on his

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sculls in a solid-looking tub of a boat clearly meant for bathers. He nodded to me, and bade me good-morning as if he expected me, so I jumped in without any words, and he paddled away quietly as I peeled for my swim. As we went, I looked down on the water, and couldn��t help saying �� ��How clear the water is this morning!�� ��Is it?�� said he; ��I didn��t notice it. You know the flood-tide always thickens it a bit.�� ��H��m,�� said I, ��I have seen it pretty muddy even at half-ebb.�� He said nothing in answer, but seemed rather astonished; and as he now lay just stemming the tide, and I had my clothes off, I jumped in without more ado. Of course when I had my head above water again I turned towards the tide, and my eyes naturally sought for the bridge, and so utterly astonished was I by what I saw, that I forgot to strike out, and went spluttering under water again, and when I came up made straight for the boat; for I felt that I must ask some questions of my waterman, so bewildering had been the half-sight I had seen from the face of the river with the water hardly out of my eyes; though by this time I was quit of the slumbrous and dizzy feeling, and was wide-awake and clear-headed. As I got in up the steps which he had lowered, and he held out his hand to help me, we went

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drifting speedily up towards Chiswick; but now he caught up the sculls and brought her head round again, and said ����A short swim, neighbour; but perhaps you find the water cold this morning, after your journey. Shall I put you ashore at once, or would you like to go down to Putney before breakfast?�� He spoke in a way so unlike what I should have expected from a Hammersmith waterman, that I stared at him, as I answered, ��Please to hold her a little; I want to look about me a bit.�� ��All right,�� he said; ��it��s no less pretty in its way here than it is off Barn Elms; it��s jolly everywhere this time in the morning. I��m glad you got up early; it��s barely five o��clock yet.�� If I was astonished with my sight of the river banks, I was no less astonished at my waterman, now that I had time to look at him and see him with my head and eyes clear. He was a handsome young fellow, with a peculiarly pleasant and friendly look about his eyes �� an expression which was quite new to me then, though I soon became familiar with it. For the rest, he was dark-haired and berry-brown of skin, well-knit and strong, and obviously used to exercising his muscles, but with nothing rough or coarse about him, and clean as might be. His dress was not like any modern work-a-day clothes I had seen, but would have served very well as a

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costume for a picture of fourteenth century life: it was of dark blue cloth, simple enough, but of fine web, and without a stain on it. He had a brown leather belt round his waist, and I noticed that its clasp was of damascened steel beautifully wrought. In short, he seemed to be like some specially manly and refined young gentleman, playing waterman for a spree, and I concluded that this was the case. I felt that I must make some conversation; so I pointed to the Surrey bank, where I noticed some light plank stages running down the foreshore, with windlasses at the landward end of them, and said, ��What are they doing with those things here? If we were on the Tay, I should have said that they were for drawing the salmon nets; but here ���� ��Well,�� said he, smiling, ��of course that is what they ARE for. Where there are salmon, there are likely to be salmon-nets, Tay or Thames; but of course they are not always in use; we don��t want

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salmon EVERY day of the season.�� I was going to say, ��But is this the Thames?�� but held my peace in my wonder, and turned my bewildered eyes eastward to look at the bridge again, and thence to the shores of the London river; and surely there was enough to astonish me. For though there was a bridge across the stream and houses on its banks, how all was changed from last night! The soap-works with their smoke-vomiting chimneys were gone; the engineer��s works gone; the lead-works gone; and no sound of rivetting and hammering came down the west wind from Thorneycroft��s. Then the bridge! I had perhaps dreamed of such a bridge, but never seen such an one out of an illuminated manuscript; for not even the Ponte Vecchio at Florence came anywhere near it. It was of stone arches, splendidly solid, and as graceful as they were strong; high enough also to let ordinary river traffic through easily. Over the parapet showed quaint and fanciful little buildings, which I supposed to be booths or shops, beset with painted and gilded vanes and spirelets. The stone was a little weathered, but showed no marks of the grimy sootiness which I was used to on every London building more than a year old. In short, to me a wonder of a bridge. The sculler noted my eager astonished look, and said, as if in answer to my thoughts �� ��Yes, it IS a pretty bridge, isn��t it? Even the up-stream bridges, which are so much smaller, are scarcely daintier, and the down-stream ones are scarcely more dignified and stately.�� I found myself saying, almost against my will, ��How old is it?�� ��Oh, not very old,�� he said; ��it was built or at least opened, in 2003. There used to be a rather plain timber bridge before then.�� The date shut my mouth as if a key had been turned in a padlock fixed to my lips; for I saw that something

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inexplicable had happened, and that if I said much, I should be mixed up in a game of cross questions and crooked answers. So I tried to look unconcerned, and to glance in a matter-of-course way at the banks of the river, though this is what I saw up to the bridge and a little beyond; say as far as the site of the soap-works. Both shores had a line of very pretty houses, low and not large, standing back a little way from the river; they were mostly built of red brick and roofed with tiles, and looked, above all, comfortable, and as if they were, so to say, alive, and sympathetic with the life of the dwellers in them. There was a continuous garden in front of them, going down to the water��s edge, in which the flowers were now blooming luxuriantly, and sending delicious waves of summer scent over the eddying stream. Behind the houses, I could see great trees rising, mostly planes, and looking down the water there were the reaches towards Putney almost as if they were a lake with a forest shore, so thick were the big trees; and I said aloud, but as if to myself �� ��Well, I��m glad that they have not built over Barn Elms.��

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Online Shopping is today the most convenient and exciting way of shopping. It caters to every income group and therefore has a wide customer base. It allows customers to buy goods and services from sellers or merchants using the internet. Many people find this the most relaxed form of shopping, more so from the convenience of their home.

Why it is Important for you to know, understand and follow the 10 complete steps to the home buying process in most states. Did you know as a home buyer you can also receive down payment assistance up to $19,000 that never has to be paid back or you can get a home buyers cash back rebate at closing to help with the purchase of your home or for anything you wish to use the cash for?

Let's face it, getting travel insurance can be a very overwhelming and tedious process, making it easy to put off and even forget entirely. But before you head off on your international adventure, you might want to consider getting coverage through some travel insurance, just to be on the safe side. Here's a little guide to help get you started.

Fashion trends quickly come and go and if you love being trendy, having a fashion style inspiration is as important as eating your breakfast. It's a good thing that technology has just made it very easy for us to know when, where, and how to get hold of the latest fashion trends & tips.

As every small business owner probably knows, repeat customers help drive the profit margin of any business. In today's business world, it is hard to get customers and harder still to keep them. Business credibility is the major instrument which helps any business to keep customers and to make such customers loyal to the brand.

In a major federal intrusion into long-settled, clear, and fair California state law, Obama and the democratically-controlled Congress passed the beneficently-titled "Protecting Tenants At Foreclosure Act" signed into law by President Obama on May 20, 2009. As with many of the grandiosely named federal laws, this one too has a truth in labeling problem.

When you are looking for a collision repair shop that does excellent work, price is a factor in your decision, but should not be your only concern. Quality is not cheap, and in shopping for a body shop, you want to balance paying the right price with excellent workmanship.

Purchasing your first home is an exciting time and transitioning from renter to property owner presents a long list of significant long-term benefits. Yet, there are numerous thoughts and fears many have when considering buying their first home.

In many ways the words sustainable and fashion don't really sit together well. I have heard sustainable fashion described as both oxymoronic and a contradiction and perhaps this is true. Is it really possible for the fashion industry to become sustainable?

Car finance has become big business. A huge number of new and used car buyers in the UK are making their vehicle purchase on finance of some sort, and many people choose to arrange it through the dealership. So what do you need to know about financing your car from the dealer?

To date, traditional international law does not consider human environmental rights to a clean and healthy environment to be a jus cogens human right. Jus cogens ("compelling law") refers to preemptory legal principles and norms that are binding on all international States, regardless of their consent.

Security is a major factor that you should enjoy -- and invest a considerable amount of money at -- in your home. Affordable and basic security systems in your home can help in keeping your family safe and peacefully sleeping at night.

After World War 2 the middle classes deserted bus travel in favor of travel by private automobile. Today most Americans travel by bus or plane when undertaking long-distance travels. High gas prices have boosted bus travel after decades of decline.

Changing your hair style later on in life is not an easy decision to make. You will be frought with fear of needing to know if you are going to be doing the right thing. Well a simple techniques can make the process a lot easier to deal with. Here we discuss ways in how you can make the right decision when considering a change or complete make over.

It used to be that applying for business cash for a smaller business was fairly straightforward. You'd pay a visit to your local friendly banker and talk about your business needs. You'd discuss what you needed and they would help with financing a business loan - yours, to be exact.

Washington is one of the magnificent states in the United States of America. This state is an extra ordinary place to work. This place is famous for providing an excellent working condition to its employees. The labor and employment law in this place ensures that no injustice is done with the employees. These laws also take care of the working conditions that are being provided to the employees.

Remodeling your home can be an overwhelming prospect - So where do you start? If you're a little hesitant to take the plunge into a full scale remodeling project, there are still many ways you can make a huge impact on the comfort, look, and feel of your home without breaking the bank.

Travel nurses are nurses who travel to different locations for short-term working assignments. Travel nurses often work for hospitals, doctors offices, and in the medical administration field.

You will find all forms and shapes of fashion blogs as the internet is full of them. It can talk about the advantage of wearing skinny jeans over boyfriend jeans or how pink takes the place of black plus all the extras. As you go online, you will get your fill of the latest in fashion trends via fashion blogs.

I would like to share with you some electrical contractor business ideas. I will be sharing some ideas that you may want to think about if you are currently in business as an electrical contractor. Or if you plan on going into business in the future.

Everyone needs to go shopping, but the ways in which people choose to shop have become very varied over the past few decades. The rise of internet shopping has seen shopping trips becoming less of a social activity and more of a solo sport, as we begin to do our shopping from the comfort of our own home, via the internet. But that doesn't have to be the case.

Many buyers of Southwest Florida homes want to enjoy the home now, but also rent the home seasonally to offset expenses. It's a good strategy whether you are considering a single family home in the area, or a condo purchase. Here are top things to consider before buying in the region.

The independent traveler abides by a philosophy similar to Taoism (meaning "way," or "path"). This allows the independent traveler to enjoy a freedom which is rare. Instead of needing more, the independent traveler needs less. Independent travelers understand that by leaving things behind you can take the world with you.

Among the hardest reasons for decorating a house is locating the style that you'll like and can fit your house. Often people save money time trying to generate a style or style for any room compared to actually purchasing the items as well as decorating the area.

These times, when all of us admit a company is dealing with tough occasions, it merely means it's experiencing cash-flow difficulties. There is actually some proof to claim that many business people often fulfill very severe cash-flow issues within their businesses.

Through my personal research as well as individual work through the years with mothers-in-law as well as daughters-in-law a particular theme offers emerged since the most prevalent -- a feeling of powerlessness. Mothers-in-law believe regardless of what they perform, no issue what these people say, it appears to be the incorrect thing -- actually doing nothing could possibly be the wrong point.

The web finally fulfilled among its excellent promises: Individuals are making cash by promoting products about the ecommerce web sites. If you're a new comer to ecommerce, or selling services and products on the web, read upon. This post explains choosing an ecommerce shopping cart software solution for your web business.

Travelling along with "little ones" could be probably the most joyous occasions of all-it may also be probably the most stressful. Parent stress is generally high whenever travelling with young children or small children as children with this age group have several needs, short interest spans and therefore are easily bored stiff or irritated when cooped up for a long period.


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It is difficult to get fresh and exciting content which they can use to entertain and engage younger kids. There are books especially written for children, with bright tinted pictures, some have different material glued in to offer some tactile stimulus, and others have sounds built in to aid learning through auditory means.

Interviews on the other hand, do are very effective as an educational tool. Most podcast job interviews do focus on providing information in the form of a question and answer. In theory they could provide non-educational information (for example interviews with celebrities) but in practice this is not common.

There's a demand for skilled educators in each education zone. Those with special education careers fulfill this need with their skill and knowledge base. Prospective teachers must fulfill tutorial requirements in their location which ordinarily needs.

Regardless which term you would like to use; Enrichment Program, Edu-tainment, Info-tainment, Purposeful Pleasure, Cultural Learnings to make Benefit for Cruise Voyager... whatever... these on-board combinations of education and entertainment are growing fast in popularity.

Signs are not just a printed material pinned on the walls of your workplace. They should act as a daily safety reminder before you start working. Large, visible signs can help you understand what to do and avoid, maintaining a safe workplace.

The next thing involves inspecting the house and determining if any repairs are required. Home issues can be divided into three main categories: functional issues, cosmetic problems and things that you cannot do anything about. Try to resolve the first two and compensate the third with the price.

There is some old conventional wisdom that goes like hiring a professional to handle work you are not sure of. This holds true in many areas and life. Be aware it is even truer in the realm of real estate. When you are seeking to purchase a commercial property, you cannot do so with the eye of a novice.

Whatever function as the reason the home buying for first time buyers is a huge decision and they are confused and are looking for guidance and detailed information. The complete information and step by step details help first time home buyers.

He used my questions right back at me and we had some great give-and-take and it was as you could really feel that biochemistry that is needed when entrepreneurs are talking about their passion of investing in real est.

I sell whenever it is most advantageous for me to do so by many optional measures of personal advantage; and I make a very efficient business out of mastering the holding of property to optimize the buying and selling of property.

As you can see, each of these individual activities is daunting and to be good at all four is near impossible. To understand why, let us give out a story. Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player that has ever lived. For personal reasons,

But if you don't currently need to have a business card, you will want to get your first real estate investor business card. For your first one, if you don't already know what for you to do in real estate investing, you may want to go with a cheap business card with basic contact information.

So, as tempting as it may be, keep sex for a little while later. Not only will you feel more special when it finally does happen, but he'll think that he, and not just any man, deserves you.

Do the research. Adults don't usually like to hear the word "studying" it brings back long, stressful or boring nights in college and high school. But you need to study up before you make a real estate investment.

List of "used to be" sub cities of Chennai, Tamil Nadu stretches, but traditional giants like Egmore and Besant Nagar remain on top.

In my travels I it also noted that there were many large car motorbike shops which actually had a quick lube attached to the dealership to ensure that customers who bought their cars there also came in to get their oil changed,

The Chevrolet Silverado of the Chevrolet and akin to it, the GMC Sierra of the GMC, are the newest of the regular pickups models from General Engines Company. By the year 2006, the Silverado was on the second spot of successful retailed pickups.

Whether you are moving even to another state, junking your current ride altogether, or not satisfied with your current provider, there are a few things you need to understand so that it won't come back and haunt you like a bad penny.

A combination of mobility solutions - telematics, analytics and communications, has eased the responsibility for auto insurers through information on driving style, collection of the same, analyses and reports that benefits all the stakeholders.

Wondering what is the best vehicle for towing your toys? If you are someone that has a toy such as a camper, Jet Snowboarding or boat it is important to have a vehicle that will safely tow line the fun that you determine to play with.

To this type of auto fan, it becomes an obsession which should flood his or her free moments - especially weekend time. So, for all of you that insurance companies write policies for - this is for you and your wonderful trend!

Auto mobile experts say a vehicle must also have 50: 50 antifreeze or coolant and water

For car racers, to custom auto paint is a very important thing. Racers exhibit their cars so at least the car has to look presentable and even extravagant. Racers spend a lot of money for guidelines and use the highest quality of paints they use to groom their car.

While you are on the market to get car insurance, it is important to become acquainted with the basic parts of an car insurance policy:

USA currently counts over one hundred companies providing a car owner quite all kinds to choose from. Here is a presentation of a short review on 21st Century car insurance firm. It is originally a Los angeles based firm that is relatively young comparing to other grand car insurance firms founded in 1954 by Louis W.

Great car insurance starts with getting all of the best information possible for teen drivers and their parents. If teens can work with the parents, it is possible to get rates which will be very low and reasonable.

Those are my ideas on Hyperthermia Fatalities of Children in Hot Vehicles, I would like to hear your thoughts and or concerns on this matter. Please feel free to leave a comment. Look forward in hearing your thoughts.

When you signed on the dotted line for your new auto, it seemed like you were on top of the world. You went shopping at the right time, and felt as you got a steal on the price. And then, the insurance bill came in the mail and the bottom on your perfect little world dropped out. What happened?

Like taking a long road trip, you map out the trip to your destination. Likewise, you need to map out your mobile strategy. The 'destination' is really the purpose. What do you want the campaign to accomplish?

If you're looking for quality hubcaps for a car, whether it's a restore or a current make, always check with dealers and hubcap or wheel cover distributors. They may not carry the actual model you're looking for but they tend to stay connected in the vehicle circuits - and many are car enthusiasts in their own right.



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صيانة ايديال زانوسي الاطراف الواصلة من الدائرة الى المحرك عادا تكون موصولة في روزتة خاصة بها وعند فكها من المحرك تظل في الروزتة بنفس ترتيبها ولكن اذا حدث وقظع احد ما تلك الروزتة وتريد تحديدهم فاكتب على كل طرف من الاطراف الخمس وتاكد من عدم لمس اي طرف بالاخر فرغ شحنة المكثف ثم افصل طرفية واضبط التيمر على برنامج العصر واجعلها في وضع تشغيل بعد توصيله ا بالتيار بواسطة فولتميتر او لمبة  صيانة ايديال زانوسي عادية يتم قياس كل طرف مع الاطراف الاخرى ستجد ان اللمبة تضئ بين طرفين فقط هما الطرف الرئيسي وطرف تشغيل السرعة العالية ولكن غير محدد الان من منهم يخص الطرف الرئيسي ومن خاص بطرف تشغيل السرعة العالية افصل التيار عن الغسالة ثم اعد طرفي المكثف كما كانوا واذا كانت اكرة التيمر اقتربت من وضع الايقاف يضبط مرة اخرى ملاحظات لا تحتاج اختبار الاطرف الاتية من الدائرة الى المحرك فقط في حالة قطع الرزوتة ولكن ايضا للتاكد من سلامة الدائرة الكهربائية الخاصة بالمحرك ففي بعض الاحيان ياتي الفني وبالاختبار يتاكد فعلا من تلف المحرك فيقوم بتركيب محرك اخر ولكن بعد تركيبة لم يؤدي المحرك الجديد وظائفة كما يجب صيانة ايديال زانوسي بالقاهرة بالرغم ان المحرك القديم كان فعلا محترق والمحرك الجديد متاكد من صلاحيتة والعيب في هذه الحالة يكون في الدائرة ولذلك قبل تغيير المحرك او اي جزء كهربائي اخر بدلا من قياس نقاط تلامس التيمر الخاصة بدائرة ما يمكن اختيار الاطراف مباشر وبالنسبة لاطراف المحرك طالما ان الروزتة موجودة يمكن عمل نفس الاختبارات الخاصة بتحديد الاطراف ولكن بدون فك طرفي المكثف فاذا كانت الدائرة سلمية في صيانة ايديال زانوسي بالقاهرة مرحلة العصر ستضئ اللمبة بين الطرف الرئيسي وطرف التشغيل وايضا بين الطرف الرئيسي والتقويم للسرعة العالية واما اذا اضاء بين الطرف الرئيسي والتشغيل يعني تلف اي نقطة من النقاط الخاصة بنقل المكثف الى ملفات السرعة العالية 



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