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Measurements audio-technica ATH-IM04

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 * Golden Ears Philosophy

 * How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)

 * Golden Ears Measurements F.A.Q.

 * About the Golden Ears Recommendation Index (G.E.R.I.)

 * How to read measurements - Earphones, Headphones

 * Frequency response & perceived sound 



Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Frequency Response




 Eartip: Silicone /Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Subjectively Percieved Tonal Balance>

Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation + Bass Compensation

for more information : How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)



       Eartip: Silicone /Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Raw Data from Ear Simulator>



Blue: After modification by Accudio™ / Green: Before modification

<Power-Average of Left and Right>

 more infomation on Accudio™



Step Response





Impulse Response





Cumulative Spectral Decay





Impulse Phase





Reviewer's Opinion


The following chart is an expression of the reviewer's opinion on this product's measured data and perceived sound, and may include bias from using the Golden Ears reference unit as a standard.



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Where could I found the im50 and im70's measurement?




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Obama shows testing alone is not really the choice for developing student results. The areas financial investment strategies should help support better K12 assisting not diagnostic tests. In this opinion our company is attacking the education system which we must be planning to bolster.

School violence has long been identified as being an increasing predicament facing most of members for school smaller communities. Intervention programs have already been developed that will combat this rising problem, with varying numbers of effectiveness.

Many home design projects happen to be well while in the reach of most homeowners, as they definitely are quite simple and straightforward to carry out. And home improvement community just keep increasing by leaps and bounds.

Changing up the color associated with a room or simply adding different color towards a space is unequivocally among the many easiest tips on how to update a space. In inescapable fact, many pro interior creators often take advantage of color as being an inexpensive choice for dated spaces.

There happen to be scores for curtains together with drapes you could use. One extremely frequent stands out as the box pleated curtain or adorn. These window curtains are pre-gathered towards pleats within the pinnacle within the curtain to be able to always contain a neat, tailor-made look.

With existing television companies and a variety of magazines devoted to home growth, it's easy to see why your home renovations happen to be quickly being the easiest growing direction in Canada and america. Giant, big-box retail outlets and little, specialty vendors are going up all over and all have their own personal catalogs.

Anyone that could be considering placing their house that can be purchased, should contemplate home growth loans to raise the value within the property. Isn't difficult to be familiar with, that a good tidy together with well-kept your home will provide faster than the home that could be searching for some car repairs.

Home Growth scenarios own appreciated excellently gradually. The requirement balanced home design has covered great numbers of professionalism during this process. As property owner you might want to make sure considerations earlier than even starting your home improvement progression.

It is a well known fact the fact that summer is a good season meant for improving your household. That may be a very well-known belief because during that time within the year people really don't depend over the weather. There isn't snow or simply constant elements falls, isn't cold which means that repairing your household outside is not really difficult.

Home staging has now become vital for any individual selling a good residential real estate today, your home is a worthwhile asset in addition to a major financial commitment. Sellers will need to understand the role the fact that home staging plays during the selling progression.

Contemporary lamps are increasingly popular in countless homes. They add more that supplemental touch in interior design and are generally way more than simply providing a functional aspect the fact that traditional lamps used to do.

Drywall unit installation and repair can be undertaken by just do-it-yourself home design enthusiasts. While drywall comes with the advantage of being a fairly easy building content, it holds difficult to build excellent outcome without pro equipment together with experience.

With two components, the most effective debt of an individual is his property finance loan. If she can't pay it back, the banker would dispose of him just outside of his place. Moreover, normal property finance loan installments are on top of other end user or personal loan.

Though not only quick even though far-reaching as web 2 sites or simply as dramatically compelling when the commercial billboards you regularly see by way of the roadside, postcards have already been hailed by just many mainly because tried-and-tested advertisements tools in properties marketing.

What was on one occasion your vision home has now become an individual's nightmare. With no boys and girls to a couple of kids, you're running due to room with your last nerve has long been frayed by just Jr's hamster that have been out for his cage to your past 7-day period.

Many of you will have heard me focus on reducing your possibility of a seller informing you "maybe" while you're buying real estate directly with homeowners. What came across understand is this period is our primary asset.

Investing in properties is a great decision that will have to be considered diligently. There are range kinds for homes to buy that it will become extremely confusing.

Unbeknown many customers, real estate agent also run numerous risks just carryout a sale. Many have already been victimized by just scammers who prey on their need carryout a sale and create them lower your guard together with before these know it all, they've happen to be hoodwinked together with scammed due to something.

It is actually funny the way in which through propaganda you can easliy be manipulated into engaging in and thinking points that we fully understand don't come up with any feel. Here may be a major example of this of what I am talking about. We all recognize that debt is certainly bad and therefore it impedes some of our retirement. It's well known that unsecured debt causes money instability.

For anybody who is thinking of buying into any fiercely economical world of properties, choosing the right real residence school has to be your earliest option. Such institutions provides you with the necessary exercise and strategy to polish an individual's skills during the field.

National Your home Buyers Assist (NHBA) may be a network the fact that seeks that will help renters end up homeowners. This substantial goal is certainly worked when it comes to by the entire pair of top properties professionals. A goals happen to be lofty, but a quality members create them a legitimate possibility.

The single most crucial stages to generatte a deal during the real residence business stands out as the home demo. There have grown few people - or simply none in anyway - who will make undertake with not having the capability to see the normal space for their selves in every day life.

Certain things can aid in your capacity sale a house you own personal. This will probably be your personal real estate or some sort of investment real estate. The details listed could possibly be the very points that may avoid your great deals from attaining your goal, plus the situations listed will provide help to in earning the sale a less complicated process.

Mercifully, many respective authorities are start to realize the fact that pets may be a great emotional stress reliever, and that pet owners are likely to be happier even more relaxed compared with non-pet homeowners. Colleges together with Universities happen to be therefore becoming increasingly pet safe.

Hunters is often very picky with regards to the pets these choose. If you've gotten your on the job our sportsman guide we provide a full run-down of the best and not-so-good choices relating to actual family dog abilities. Now some will probably like pets that will be not mainly because effective statistically, that's fine.

Quite often, it is generally hard for pet owners to conveniently entrust your pets that will dog system brands, especially if he or she are basically new in the business. But whether it is a type like Family dog Safe, then one can find no reservations about health and safety and integrity.

Nowadays Pet Travel insurance has become very common. Sometimes it all becomes really difficult to deal with the pet so that the Pet Travel insurance provides everyone the liberty of tranquil while a weight trip.

Having pets may be a wonderful working experience but however, part associated with wonderful pets has to be your responsibility of fabricating them obedient pets in the process. A family dog owner's job is huge and therefore includes training the criminals to become obedient together with clean in the process.

Saving lives is crucial. And no need to explain that countless have trained and now have learned easy methods to save our lives. But where on earth do you go to sit and learn about economizing your pet's daily life? Are there those that actually tutor this? Check out this content to locate the answers that will those doubts!

Pet frizzy hair removal may be a chore, especially for people with more compared with one fuzzy little friend who's got free reign over an individual's domain. Many pet owners fight any battle alongside hair constantly through careful cleaning within their carpets, home furnishings upholstery, sheep skin rugs, and many other pet-friendly blotches.



2017.03.15 02:29

As you can view, each of the individual routines is daunting also to be great at all several is around impossible. To know why, let us share with you a account. Michael Michael jordan is arguably the most effective basketball player which includes ever were living. For private reasons, realestate crew

But unless you currently have to have a enterprise card, you should get the first real-estate investor enterprise card. To your first a single, if you never already know very well what you want to do in real-estate investing, you might go using a cheap enterprise card together with basic make contact with information. realestate group

Thus, as tempting as it can be, keep sexual intercourse for a time later. Not merely will you're feeling more specific when that finally can happen, but he'll feel that he, and not any person, deserves an individual. realestate love

Do the investigation. Adults will not usually want to hear the phrase "studying" that brings again long, stressful or perhaps boring times in school and high school graduation. But you should study up prior to deciding to make a owning a home. realestate passion

List regarding "used to be able to be" sub urban areas of Chennai, Tamil Nadu increases, but standard giants just like Egmore and also Besant Nagar remain on top. sky realestate

In my own travels I in addition, it noted that there was many huge car dealerships which in fact had an instant lube attached with the dealership to make sure that customers which bought their particular cars right now there also came directly into get their particular oil altered, auto mobile center

The Chevrolet Silverado with the Chevrolet and comparable to it, the GMC Sierra with the GMC, will be the newest with the regular pickups models coming from General Generators Company. From the year 2006, the Silverado was around the second area of productive retailed pickups. auto models

Whether you might be moving to a different state, junking your overall ride entirely, or just not satisfied along with your current service provider, there certainly are a few things you need to know so which it won't keep coming back and haunt you want a negative penny. auto terminal

A variety of mobility remedies - telematics, analytics and also communications, has eased the burden for automobile insurers through information on driving type, collection with the same, analyses and also reports in which benefits every one of the stakeholders. best auto mobiles

Wondering what is the better vehicle regarding towing the toys? In case you are someone with a toy for instance a camper, Jet Ski or boat you will need to have a car that can safely tow the entertaining that you may play together with. best vehicle

To this sort of auto lover, it will become an obsession which will flood their free occasions - specifically weekend moment. So, for every body that insurance firms write procedures for - that is for you along with your wonderful fad! classic auto mobile

Auto cell experts say a car must likewise have 50: 50 antifreeze or perhaps coolant and also water combination. cool auto mobile

Regarding car racers, to custom made auto color is a critical thing. Racers express their automobiles so no less than the car must look presentable and also extravagant. Racers spend big money for good ideas and use the best quality of paints they will use to be able to groom their particular car. custom auto

While you're on industry to get vehicle insurance, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the basic elements of an vehicle insurance policy: get auto

USA at present counts over 100 companies providing a vehicle owner quite an impressive selection to pick from. Here can be a presentation of your short evaluate on 21st Century vehicle insurance firm. It really is originally a L . a . based firm which is relatively younger comparing to be able to other grand vehicle insurance firms created in 1954 simply by Louis T. grand auto

Great vehicle insurance starts together with getting every one of the best information easy for teen individuals and their particular parents. If teens could work with the particular parents, you are able to get rates which is to be very lower and affordable. great auto

Those are usually my thoughts on Hyperthermia Deaths of Youngsters in Very hot Vehicles, I want to hear your thinking and or perhaps concerns with this matter. Please feel absolve to leave any comment. Look forwards in hearing your thinking. hot vehicle

When an individual signed around the dotted line to your new automobile, it seemed like you were together with the planet. You travelled shopping on the right moment, and felt that you got any steal around the price. And, the insurance policy bill came inside the mail as well as the bottom on your own perfect tiny world decreased out. Just what happened? new auto

Like having a long path trip, you guide out the visit to your vacation spot. Likewise, you should map out there your mobile marketing plan. The 'destination' is absolutely the goal. What are you wanting the campaign to perform? the auto mobiles

If you are looking for quality hubcaps to get a car, whether it is a restore or even a current help make, always talk with dealers and also hubcap or perhaps wheel protect distributors. They may well not carry the model you are looking for but they have a tendency to stay connected inside the vehicle circuits - and lots of are automobile enthusiasts inside their own proper. quality wheels

What can education appear to be today? Does that match what exactly is expected in the real world? daily education

YouTube will be one one aspect of the particular educational Web 2. 0 innovation. But even though YouTube provides great prospective, is that appropriate in the classroom circumstance? easy education

It will serve the industry of global education by providing grant options to offshore educational advisors. education adviser

, ASM's Initiate of Enterprise Management & Study was between first Exclusive Management Universities, all started in 1983, which usually today furthermore Ranks initial amongst several surveys performed for top quality of Instructional Institutes. educational hub

This is a burning fact that students in every parts with the world, today are usually hardly knowing that writing can be a skill. The necessity to make children along with your students alert to the need of creating skills has cause evolution with the online schooling blogs. education blog

I was playing a documentary interview concerning education lots of years ago and I remember what this kind of educator has been saying in regards to the mistakes this individual made in the course of his years as one of the most highly-esteemed school teachers in his / her area. education guru

MBA education not merely helps you locating a excellent job yourself just about all opens the particular gates to suit your needs, across the globe. high education

A particular person enters the particular field regarding education being a profession - either regular in standard academic organizations or as a possible adjunct (or not professional) trainer. The causes vary regarding why an individual would choose to be in the particular classroom. my education

In the event you own a web site business, you almost certainly know in which online edu backlinks work efficiently because schooling sites have got high page ranking. online edu

The schooling programs the united states spend too much money training teachers to coach instead regarding teach. Our school teachers are qualified to perpetuate the notion of the particular acceptable level of knowledge as opposed to to shed light on children together with critical pondering. No more time are children's taught to be able to question, the education



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