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Measurements AUDEZE LCD-X

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 * Frequency response & perceived sound 



Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Frequency Response



   Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Subjectively Percieved Tonal Balance>

Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation + Bass Compensation

for more information : How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)



 Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Raw Data from Head and Torso Simulator>



 Blue: After modification by Accudio™ / Green: Before modification

<Power-Average of Left and Right>

 more infomation on Accudio™



Step Response





Impulse Response





Cumulative Spectral Decay





Impulse Phase





Reviewer's Opinion


The following chart is an expression of the reviewer's opinion on this product's measured data and perceived sound, and may include bias from using the Golden Ears reference unit as a standard. 




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2014.06.24 06:59

"This is a secret article"


Golden Ears

2014.06.24 18:54

Hi there, we'll try it thank you !



2014.07.21 19:50
Thanks a bunch for all the tests!
Have you considered testing the Roland line Headphones, they sound way above their weight! I'm interested how would the RH-300 come up :)

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he turned to his house door and let himself in; and even as he shut the door to, disappeared all remembrance of that brilliant logic and foresight which had so illuminated the recent discussion; and of the discussion itself there remained no trace, save a vague hope, that was now become a pleasure, for days of peace and rest, and cleanness and smiling goodwill. In this mood he tumbled into bed, and fell asleep after his wont, in two minutes�� time; but (contrary to his wont) woke up again not long after in that curiously wide-awake condition which sometimes surprises even good sleepers; a condition under which we feel all our wits preternaturally sharpened, while all the miserable muddles we have ever got into, all the disgraces and losses of our lives, will insist on thrusting themselves forward for the consideration of those sharpened wits. In this state he lay (says our friend) till he had almost begun to enjoy it: till the tale of his stupidities amused him, and the entanglements before him, which he saw so clearly, began to shape themselves into an amusing story for him. He heard one o��clock strike, then two and then three; after which he fell asleep again. Our friend says that from that sleep he awoke once more, and afterwards went through such surprising adventures that he thinks that they should be told to our comrades, and indeed the public in general, and therefore proposes to tell them now. But, says he, I

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moon. I had by no means shaken off the feeling of oppression, and wherever I might have been should scarce have been quite conscious of the place; so it was no wonder that I felt rather puzzled in despite of the familiar face of the Thames. Withal I felt dizzy and queer; and remembering that people often got a boat and had a swim in mid-stream, I thought I would do no less. It seems very early, quoth I to myself, but I daresay I shall find someone at Biffin��s to take me. However, I didn��t get as far as Biffin��s, or even turn to my left thitherward, because just then I began to see that there was a landing-stage right before me in front of my house: in fact, on the place where my next-door neighbour had rigged one up, though somehow it didn��t look like that either. Down I went on to it, and sure enough among the empty boats moored to it lay a man on his sculls in a solid-looking tub

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little; I want to look about me a bit.�� ��All right,�� he said; ��it��s no less pretty in its way here than it is off Barn Elms; it��s jolly everywhere this time in the morning. I��m glad you got up early; it��s barely five o��clock yet.�� If I was astonished with my sight of the river banks, I was no less astonished at my waterman, now that I had time to look at him and see him with my head and eyes clear. He was a handsome young fellow, with a peculiarly pleasant and friendly look about his eyes �� an expression which was quite new to me then, though I soon became familiar with it. For the rest, he was dark-haired and berry-brown of skin, well-knit and strong, and obviously used to exercising his muscles, but with nothing rough or coarse about him, and clean as might be. His dress was not like any modern work-a-day clothes I had seen, but would have served very well as a costume for a picture of fourteenth century life: it was of dark blue cloth, simple enough, but of fine web, and without a stain on it. He had a brown leather belt round his waist, and I noticed that its clasp was of damascened steel beautifully wrought. In short, he seemed to be like some specially manly and refined young gentleman, playing waterman for a spree, and I concluded that this was the case. I felt that I must make some conversation; so

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traffic through easily. Over the parapet showed quaint and fanciful little buildings, which I supposed to be booths or shops, beset with painted and gilded vanes and spirelets. The stone was a little weathered, but showed no marks of the grimy sootiness which I was used to on every London building more than a year old. In short, to me a wonder of a bridge. The sculler noted my eager astonished look, and said, as if in answer to my thoughts �� ��Yes, it IS a pretty bridge, isn��t it? Even the up-stream bridges, which are so much smaller, are scarcely daintier, and the down-stream ones are scarcely more dignified and stately.�� I found myself saying, almost against my will, ��How old is it?�� ��Oh, not very old,�� he said; ��it was built or at least opened, in 2003. There used to be a rather plain timber bridge before then.�� The date shut my mouth as if a key had been turned in a padlock fixed to my lips; for I saw that something inexplicable had happened, and that if I said much, I should be mixed up in a game of cross questions and crooked answers. So I tried to look unconcerned, and to glance in a matter-of-course way at the banks of the river, though this is what I saw up to the bridge and a little beyond; say as far as the site of the soap-works. Both shores had a line of very pretty houses, low and not large, standing

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back a little way from the river; they were mostly built of red brick and roofed with tiles, and looked, above all, comfortable, and as if they were, so to say, alive, and sympathetic with the life of the dwellers in them. There was a continuous garden in front of them, going down to the water��s edge, in which the flowers were now blooming luxuriantly, and sending delicious waves of summer scent over the eddying stream. Behind the houses, I could see great trees rising, mostly planes, and looking down the water there were the reaches towards Putney almost as if they were a lake with a forest shore, so thick were the big trees; and I said aloud, but as if to myself �� ��Well, I��m glad that they have not built over Barn Elms.��

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For corporations that thrive without the need of a real store as a way to swipe plastic cards, a Post Order/Telephone Acquire (MOTO) account may very well be essential to your business, simply because operate within the 'card probably not present', or perhaps 'non face-to-face' footing. This will be preferred as a result of both customers as well as owners given it is convenient with them. business county

In the latest scenario, more persons have jobs that require them to be mobile more than once from this week usually everyday. Corporation travelers, IT professionals or tech-related managing field persons especially should work when around the trip for getting as lots done in not much time as humanly possible. tech cave

Many the occasions you'd have planned to change your existing car, but will often have erased taking that approach from as their pharmicudical counterpart due on your limited budget. However, it's not important that you simply always ought to go on your zero-meter, shining, glossy auto. In functions like these you may think about choosing a used auto. 1st finance

When you're purchasing medical insurance policies, the every 4 weeks premium amount is significant, however it is essential to be aware that the insurance carrier might be in precisely the same way planning on paying the exact promises with due time period while they have been in having your every 4 weeks rates. fashion hq

There are typically cases each time bad personal debt isn't the leading suspect on the low credit standing. Individuals who definitely have just jumped towards credit frenzy will often have problems buying a mortgage promptly because their credit standing cannot generate a superb credit ranking presently. home improvement diary

Industry were being developing added, the advancement on the automobile were being changing how a world worked well and it will be a good 80+ ages until everyone was forced to see Gangnam Pattern. With the exact progression connected with airline traveling remote elements of the entire world were at the moment more out there. travel bite

Nursing such as a career delivers many alternatives for vocation growth. It is just a broad spot in healthcare that enables a registered nurse to focus on many specializtions. These changes from in-home professional medical professionals exactly who monitor specific sufferers, to professional medical professionals with high-traffic hostipal wards managing many patients while doing so. health essay

I purely completed this book often known as Small Changes, by Leslie in addition to Ray Terkel. This easy-to-read guideline, provided me which has a timely reminder as well as a fresh perspective around the fact the just about the most effective together with long-lasting beneficial changes persons make into their lives is performed on a remarkably small measurement or in conjunction with baby behavior. 1st baby

Does it mean you can manage your individual organisation's Property or home? - Should it mean you can maintain the exact contracts (AMCs) with all your various Manufacturers? - Should it help in automating your individual Purchase? - Will it be out-of-the-box? - Possibly there is a convenient to use UI? - What amount does it run you? auto beat

When the item involves serious sports one example is snowboarding, Burton would be the main brand already in the market. From Overcoats, pants, forums, bindings as a way to mittens, Burton can be producing premium quality products mainly because 1977. sport sheat

The producing media is rich in advertisements intended for beauty items that won't only produce us glimpse more breathtaking, but can even keep everyone looking more youthful for a bit longer. Hollywood high flyers promote a variety of beauty objects and have well-known vogue shows are usually in an in history high. fashion site

A lot of time of education aren't practical, even for you if you may love an exercise center. The very good news is that when using the right combined exercises you may unlock your individual belly's invisible potential you need to melting to one side stubborn unwanted weight stores. news bite

These are typically activities performed everyday to be certain your business/company is effective normally right now, tomorrow, and down the line. This may very well be as simple such as a backup remedy that integrates with all your existing key network to be certain connectivity in the case of an outage. business diary

Nokia presents the modern mobile phones to reinforce the hi-tech tendency. The new handsets get there fully loaded with state-of-the-art operates and remarkable functionalities. The modern Nokia handsets are likewise complemented in conjunction with stunning presents itself in dynamic backgrounds -- destined to be fashion add-ons. tech diary

Kishore begun like many people performing courses inside it and and then Finance. He / she actually bought employment. Even so, the personal crashes complete both the jobs together with he were being forced as a way to rethink his choice of career. His hope was to be financially stable finance data

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