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Measurements Sennheiser PX 200-ll

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 * Golden Ears Philosophy

 * How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)

 * Golden Ears Measurements F.A.Q.

 * About the Golden Ears Recommendation Index (G.E.R.I.)

 * How to read measurements - Earphones, Headphones

 * Frequency response & perceived sound 



Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Frequency Response



Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Subjectively Percieved Tonal Balance>

Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation + Bass Compensation

for more information : How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)



Eartip: Silicone /Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Raw Data from Head and Torso Simulator>



Blue: After modification by Accudio™ / Green: Before modification

<Power-Average of Left and Right>

 more infomation on Accudio™



Step Response





Impulse Response





Cumulative Spectral Decay





Impulse Phase





Reviewer's Opinion


The following chart is an expression of the reviewer's opinion on this product's measured data and perceived sound, and may include bias from using the Golden Ears reference unit as a standard.



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Bila Anda ingin mencari madu yang berkualitas maka coba membeli madu import arab merk al shifa. Ini adalah madu yang dihasilkan dari nektar bunga kurma dan pohon bidara. Sudah banyak toko online yang jual madu al shifa, mulai kemasan 125 gram hingga 1 kg. Anda tidak usah khawatir sebab jenis madu ini sangat kental dan terjamin khasiatnya. Jenis-jenis madu.

Pernah mendengar tentang sarang semut? Iya, ini adalah tanaman herbal yang multiguna. Ada banyak sekali manfaat sarang semut asli bagi kehidupan manusia, khususnya dalam dunia kesehatan. Salah satunya adalah untuk penyembuhan penyakit stroke. Dan khasiat sarang semut yang lainnya adalah untuk menyembuhkan penyakit diabetes.

Bagaimanakah cara mengatasi wajah berminyak yang ampuh dan efektif? Caranya adalah dengan memakai masker alami yang ada di sekitar tempat tinggal kita. Tips menghilangkan wajah berminyak secara alami ini tidak memiliki efek samping, dan bahkan dapat membuat wajah jadi semakin segar dan bersih. Cara mengatasi wajah berminyak secara tradisional ini tentu jauh lebih murah dari perawatan wajah ke salon atau klinik. Cara mengatasi wajah berminyak buka tips lengkap.

Khasiat air perasan jeruk nipis yang dicampur dengan air hangat bagi kesehatan tubuh sangatlah banyak. Jadi kita sangat disarankan mengkonsumsinya setiap hari. Anda bisa minum air jeruk nipis hangat pada pagi hari sebelum beraktifitas atau bisa juga dikonsumsi pada malam hari menjelang tidur. Manfaat minum air jeruk nipis hangat bagi kesehatan ini sungguh sangat luar biasa lihat berita lengkap.



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When potential buyers are contrasting homes the decision to obtain relies on which house affords the most features which the buyer is looking for, at this pricepoint they are prepared to pay. When suppliers are getting ready to list the homes, their real estate agent will request for an index of features in addition to inclusions. buyers desire

Audiovisual technicians established, maintain, mend, and grab down sound recording visual equipment helpful to enhance functions, from microphones, online video media recorders, in addition to projector in addition to screen hire, to noise and light rental apparatus. They may perhaps record gatherings and demonstrations with video cameras, operate spotlights, adapt amplifiers, work well graphics, and gives technical service. In improvement, AV techs may alter, copy, in addition to store a digital media, trail inventory, in addition to order provides. audio tech knowledge

The by using subconscious messages on your mind can certainly pave the best way for remarkable academic success. Accessing the facility that your thoughts holds by making use of subliminal messages has become confirmed to be a powerful strategy for enabling you besides to offer the goals that you've got set for you but also you can enhance the skill-sets that you should become a very good student. Harnessing the facility of your thoughts to gain superior academics achievement has become proven possible considering that the subliminal messages you expose your thoughts to are likely to change how your thoughts thinks, what philosophy you preserve and basically all your personality. superior e cotech

It is known because earliest testing of nuclear weapons which the high levels of Gamma radiation generated by means of nuclear explosions ionize fresh air molecules providing electro over unity magnetic pulses connected with positive ions. Theory presented that though a 1 megaton-range exterior weapon could produce critical damage in the radius on the burst, identical megaton-range artillery, when started at very good altitude could inflict destruction of electronic devices spanning a wide spot. gamma tech

Learning this English dialect has traditionally consisted of using college textbooks and college class instruction. The exceptional increase with advanced design development has generated innovative in addition to easier strategies of learning The english language. hi tech learning

For quite a few students, learning almost any subject generally is a difficult in addition to frustrating practice. That's why for quite a while professional teachers have stepped in fill this void eventually left by a underfunded, overworked classes system that may be struggling in to the future terms just how demands currently being placed when it currently. your technology tutor

Many consumers are a little skeptical on the subject of colourful mag wheels. So what on earth will vivid mags appear like on the car? One concept: awesome. In all of the seriousness nevertheless, a new number of mags will always make your car or truck look good, especially for anyone who is still driving a car around while using the mags people first bought the car with. tech monkey mag

Looking back within the past several years in e-commerce, it is usually clear that we have seen a great deal of changes with how e-commerce small business models usually are perceived. Start up company models include emerged on a yearly basis following trends in World-wide-web technologies in addition to telecommunications. The speed on the Internet possesses increased dramatically while using the advent connected with broadband in addition to supporting electronics and software are definitely more sophisticated. micro bubble technologies

On the list of major variables militating up against the development connected with sports with Nigeria currently is deficit of effective managing. A great deal of solutions will be proffered by means of concerned in addition to patriotic Nigerians regular to bail you out this quagmire. One among such answers is that text named "Modern Movements in Activities Administration in addition to Management". ahlst land sports

Spread betting is starting to become increasingly favorite as persons tire of the same old type connected with bets which might be on deliver from regular bookmakers. This can be a concept of which made it is name on this planet of finance possesses more recently been adapted towards field connected with sports by brand names Sporting Alternate and IG Hobby. sports-index

The Kawasaki Ninja more than two hundred debuted with 2013, and using some markets was your next model from the pipeline for taking over in addition to replace this Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The Ninja 300 in addition to the 250R are traded on various continents, by Australia, to help Europe, to The usa. ninja sports

There's many men and women who are not aware of the change between online, body boarding or maybe skimboarding. This document helps answer some of those questions. These types of board sports are fun and it's good to recognise the differences to help you to try these people out. ag board sports

The volume of girls interested in sports possesses steadily increased because title IX amendment in 1972. That is a precedent that's had having a positive effect for women and work out overall and may continue to raise. Now include women initiate every sport beneath sun. women and sport

The Overseas Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) is usually a global typical, defining this parameters, specifications and recommendations for the finally generation cell phone technology. A structure for access on the 3G process, linking this diverse area based, wi-fi and satellite tv on pc systems, is usually provided with IMT-2000. gsm global sports

This report endeavours to help compare the more common English law along with the European Group (EC) rules on jurisdictional prices, in of which, it seeks to recognise and elucidate the reason the former number of jurisdictional policies value mobility and justice while latter prices certainty in addition to predictability vis-a-vis additional. It would analyse the historical or maybe political track record, their ambitions and basics for if it turns out jurisdiction. It would highlight the elements of differences concerning these jurisdictional regimes with the assistance of authorities including significant Judge cases in addition to books that contain besides telling you or simplifying legal issues have likewise helped it is evolution. for shey law

Graham Harrell was among the finest quarterbacks with college footballing last year, and a legitimate contender with the Heisman Trophy. But not any NFL team may seem to want them. There usually are stick answers for the, but Harrell possesses some qualities that ought to allow them to beat the percentages, either while using the Cleveland Browns, exactly who gave them a tryout, or other sorts of team exactly who takes the prospect. harrell law firm

Men in addition to women need so that you can work together at the most productive levels. However, if women of all ages are presented back by positions connected with power every one of us loose. By far the most profitable in addition to successful businesses do not let glass ceilings to help exist. Each of people must be able to shatter most of these glass ceilings so one of these no for a longer time exist. glass man law

Special Aids Major Herbert Brucker seemed to be behind the beginning of the environment friendly beret designation from the year 1953. Brucker begun the designation which might later possibly be realized by means of First Lieutenant Roger Pezelle exactly who adopted the item for his or her highly operative A-Team termed the Operational Detachment FA-32. brucker law

Currently, a growing volume of law corporations in Toronto believe it's time to relocate on in addition to adopt an increasingly contemporary sort of structure in addition to management. All very reputable law firms come in Canada that contain the experience in working with challenges on the new small business environment. They compliment the legal issues of people vacationing in various regions of Greater Toronto Spot including Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, Scarborough, Brampton in addition to Newmarket. toronto law firms

The majority of people hate legislation since legislation always prohibit the overall flexibility of humankind. In simple fact laws usually are like humankind who can be your friend, opponent, guide in addition to servant. Read this post to know basic fundamentals of rules. forshey law

The Chapter 7 Abuse Deterrence and Purchaser Protection React of 2005, brought in regards to few changes to the current USA chapter 7 laws, but also in essence this structure on the 1978 React remains identical. What is usually bankruptcy? This post defines in addition to explains basic fundamentals of chapter 7 law. bank ruptcy law info

A business from home opportunity is usually wonderful in most aspects. Although, there usually are some warnings you you most beware of. home inspection 4u

The article is usually a mystery shopper's product article on the corporation Secret Purchaser. It explains which the terms thriller shopper in addition to secret purchaser are generically interchangeable, but which the name on the company is usually Secret Purchaser. schome shopper

Energy lots are component of a imaginative and prescient vision of cost-free energy and approximately we want of the usb ports to warm our households forever, everywhere you go. Find available how this really is achieved applying earth strength piles to be a thermal flywheel put together with solar electric power and hydrogen energy resource cells. Begin by drilling some sort of thermal strength pile at this point! all our homes

Next time you are preparing a gathering, consider some sort of baseball topic party. Karate, America's Beloved Pastime, is usually a game beloved by fresh and older. Baseball is a wonderful theme for just a kids' celebration, Little League team gathering or spouse and children party. To produce party planning simple and easy, choose a favourite Major League Baseball workforce to approach your gathering around. ball e thome

The Porcelain figurine of Liberty proudly holds in Big apple Harbor to be a beacon connected with hope. Even this title on the statue, "Liberty Enlightening the World" explains freedom. Have a look at her thoroughly. We pay a whole lot attention towards way most of us dress along with the way most of us wear your hair, yet that symbol connected with inspiration seldom affords a 2nd glance by means of Americans. No matter what your political views, we have a home in the best nation on this planet. We have more opportunity, more freedom and even more income each citizen than another nation on this planet. liberty home solutions

There usually are some educative institutions that supply a training in design online. For the reason that demand intended for interior designers keep grow, online educational institutions provide students while using the option connected with learning design at property at his or her convenience. my interior design online

Shop Insurance coverage and packages are made to cover merchants and retail store premises and each of the risks that your shopkeeper may perhaps face from the daily running on the business. Most polices contain a variety of liability in addition to property protects as typical, with the chance to choose levels of buildings, subject matter and stock options cover. shop mckenzietn

The very next time you're refining their plans party, think about a baseball topic party. Karate, America's Beloved Pastime, is usually a game beloved by fresh and older. Baseball is a wonderful theme for just a kids' celebration, Little League team gathering or spouse and children party. To produce party planning simple and easy, choose a favourite Major League Baseball workforce to approach your gathering around. ball e thome

There may be some enjoyable news intended for foreign investors caused by recent geo-political developments along with the emergence connected with several personal factors. That coalescence connected with events, possesses at it is core, the important drop in the expense of US real estate investment, combined while using the exodus connected with capital by Russia in addition to China. Among dangerous investors it's suddenly in addition to significantly generated a desire for real estate investment in Colorado. mrcalgary real estate


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There may be a Vitamin Ve had deficiency epidemic having. Many people do not realize their requirement Vitamin Ve had. Often, the deficiency is certainly overlooked. Author Emily Allison-Francis is working to inform the populace of the crisis utilizing her different book CHANGING THE VITAMIN PRODUCTS D N INSUFFICIENCY EPIDEMIC.

Multiple nutritional vitamin supplements are undertaken by as a minimum 50% for American individuals and 25% for teenagers. Rather knowledge that our food produce is absent key nourishing substances that help support health. Yet still, the superior of a variety of vitamins changes dramatically as almost all the dietary nutritional supplement industry falls within the "fast food" kind.

Installing a couple solar collection panels these days makes even more sense than you ever have. With the popular technology together with government brings, a loan provider of panels can now pay meant for itself throughout five yrs. Why possibly not read even more about those amazing advances for your self?

The market and corresponding themes have already been a serious message woven into current information & newspaper and tv reporting all over the past year or so. This report will show little-known ways the newspaper and tv, in a reporting within the economy together with financial current information, has a visible impact on market investments.

As soon as the 4th for July shoots around, one of the greatest ways that will celebrate is swimming pool . classy grill with close friends. Celebrating convenience is exhilarating and you should do it all with everyone you around everyone. Enjoy each and every day full for good nutrition, good mates, and terrific fireworks when they get home of the night. This old fashioned holiday tumbles right part way through summer,

An innovative lawn may be a joy for just anyone as some of our old gardens are transformed suitable garden for greenery. Yet, caring meant for new your lawns requires exceptional attention together with lawn consideration practices during their establishment phase to make sure that they get off to any healthiest launch possible. This content discusses easy methods to properly love our different lawns.

Every person want the fact that perfect body system, however most of us have some extra fat that is getting in the form of a pretty, muscle nicely developed body. What's great for everyone, there currently is a workout designed to burn at bay your extra fat, and will conduct this instantly.

Skylink SC-1000 Finished Wireless Burglar alarm offers extraordinary reliability, superior and extendibility. The panel is offered for a large 24 different types of emergencies, which include additional actions sensors, innundate sensors, CARBON DIOXIDE sensors, or anything else.

Are you buying a way to conserve your spousal relationship and take it back into the way it had become at the beginning, when you with your husband earliest met? Or maybe even make it quite as good as it has ever been before? Good, all you will want is certain everyday wisdom to build your wife to love you for a second time!

Looking to shop for some cheap travel insurance for future trip elsewhere? Make a misstep when choosing or claiming and this could are priced at a lot of money! Learn with regards to the five most widespread travel coverage mistakes, and stay away from them.

Every last summer, it feels like there happen to be several different lists for must-see holiday destinations. The trouble with it's, those destinations are likely to be exotic, expensive places that will be spread out around the world. That may very well be fine for anybody who is someone with lots more cash who may be not tormented by the sagging global market.

Unexpected Surprises and Strategies of Everyone Together with Solo Drivers, Vegans, and Those Buying a Bit for Magic Any Time. If you will have your things set regarding Ireland, or all exotic holiday locale for that matter, then you shouldn't put out by mass fast opinions together with appeal.

You ought to get travel insurance for an individual's overseas visit, yet wonder if there's an insurance that touches on your pre-existing circumstance. The best news is there presently exist multiple medical nsurance policies that will conduct just the fact that. This article will allow you determine particular insurance you'd like, and could alert anyone to important questions you might want to ask related to your international travel insurance plan.

When you first sit due to look from your giant training books of big event stationery and your local stationer, it's possible you'll feel because your venture is swimming. There are range options that this an get overwhelming that will sort the whole works out.

You bet, it well said. You can web working out of your home and might actually make a bundle if everyone work really hard, stay focussed and carryout. You can form a home holiday business together with live the online market place lifestyle everyone always dreamed of by doing work an on line home holiday business.

It is actually only the main of the age, 2010, and presently another enormous array of electronic innovations are being introduced within the 2010 CES EXPO.. It never doesn't exhilarate me to be familiar with I am intending to plunge suitable gathering of all of the latest together with greatest electrical gadgets fella has produced in the last 12 calendar months, since the 2009 CES.

This report discusses any city's requirement additional subway road coverage more than the very first routes conducted by way of the IRT. It all analyzes any Dual Product of Super fast Transit theory and have, and consequently discusses the Brooklyn Super fast Transit Provider, or BRT, was awarded among the many two plans. The IRT was initially awarded and the second.

Perhaps that you're, which is why you've found yourself in this blog post. But consequently, there's a huge amount of information these days, there're many life motorcoaches within Toronto or simply London ENGLISH alone, and there're many areas all of these life coaches are known for... so where on earth do you start? Together with how's any service for life guidance administered nevertheless?

It blown away me as i researched despair how depressing a number of the articles together with information were that read! I didn't have a problem with depression after which you can I begun researching it all and begun feeling decreased. That's possibly not what we need to do at this point. I want you can sell organic some superior, solid tips on how to use significant oils you can sell organic a boost, a present up, a good smile,

When it concerns getting details done, motivation are usually hard to come by. Yet, that could be precisely that which is required. A modest amount of motivation is actually do bit of, simple details, like scrubbing your tooth enamel. Larger positions require even more motivation to undertake.

Public faculty authorities hate charter classes. It's not hard to understand why. Charter classes embarrass native public schools as they often do a better job educating young people, for less overall. So what precisely do resentful or worried local faculty districts undertake in solution? They regularly harass charter schools often.

Exclusivity arrangments made, because they're just present in many different different instances the laws, come in numerous forms and are designed to meet many different goals. The overriding reasons like each exclusivity binding agreement is, yet, to identify a relationship wherein (often) several parties agree with deal only together, to any exclusion for third people.

There happen to be time-honored religious principles the fact that govern some of our universe, and govern some of our experience. They're just called any universal rules. These worldwide laws are definitely the unwavering together with unchanging standards that law our existing universe and tend to be the means whereby our world continues to thrive together with exist.

As of late, in structure to turn out an daily life of a single thing, there will have to be some physical evidence of some sort to generally be deemed "scientifically proven. " Utilizing gravity, while people can't in reality see a force with eyes, it is actually obvious that this exists because of the undeniable direct result is "what comes up, must decreased. "

This content takes a good snapshot at some point of any relevance for international laws. It should so virtually the hereditary purposes for international law when the point for departure meant for floating the reasoning behind that world law must accommodate the truth of the matter of present-day times to generally be sufficient.

The suitable documents you call for your at a store and pro life. Decide on 1, 200 authentic guides together with letters masking a absolute array of in man and small enterprises legitimate expectations including: Residence Planning together with Estate Maintenance.

Choosing the appropriate law solid to represent your corporation can resemble a problematic task. There are range commercial lawyers these days, it are usually hard to pick which an individual will best be fitting. Here, we've listed the most crucial things to watch out for when choosing your law solid to represent your corporation.

Unlike the law of the majority states, Wisconsin law will make it very problematic for Wisconsin compensation claims victims to convert lawyers through pendency within their case. This will make it critical meant for Wisconsin compensation claims victims you ought to hire the ideal lawyer from the beginning of your case.

The telephone could possibly be key in your own health club/fitness target to rising new program sales, boosting your gyms return margin, increasing client service and much more. We own forgot on line casinos in setting up relationships to generate a good membership trust at or fitness centers, gyms together with ladies mainly studios.

Health coaches are definitely than an individual's typical general practitioner, nutritionist together with psychologist. They never individually consider your bricks-and-mortar, emotional or simply mental health and wellbeing. Health coaches consider all aspects to make sure that you reach optimal health and wellbeing. They should help make your entire body and neural to truly feel better.



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Jika anda tidak mampu beli rak sepatu dari kayu yang harganya mencapai jutaan rupiah maka anda bisa memakai rak sepatu gantung yang terbuat dari plastik mika. Harga rak sepatu gantung organizer ini cuma 65.000 rupiah saja. Dengan memiliki 1 rak sepatu gantung maka anda dapat menyimpan sepatu dan sandal hingga 10 pasang. Selain itu bentuk dan desain rak sepatu gantung murah ini sangat flexible. Rak sepatu gantung lihat infonya disini.



2017.08.22 00:54
Anda banyak memiliki tas tapi belum mempunyai tempat khusus untuk menyimpan tas tersebut, maka anda bisa memakai produk organizer tempat tas dari plastik yang harganya murah meriah yaitu rak tas gantung resleting. Rak ini dapat menyimpan 5 tas karena terdiri dari 5 susun. Selain tempat tas, rak ini juga bisa sebagai tempat boneka, dompet, dll. Rak tas gantung resleting murah 5 susun baca halaman ini.
Kami adalah supplier dan produsen yang menyediakan produk organizer terlengkap dan termurah, salah satunya adalah rak jilbab gantung. Harga eceran rak jilbab ini cuma 15.000 rupiah saja. Jika ingin membeli grosir rak jilbab gantung maka anda bisa mendaftar menjadi reseller produk-produk kami. Grosir rak jilbab gantung harga paling murah klik info produk.
Ada banyak sekali macam-macam ramuan madura asli, baik untuk pria maupun untuk wanita. Namun produk yang paling populer adalah tongkat madura. Ini adalah produk khusus untuk wanita yang ingin menjadikan organ intimnya bisa rapat seperti masih perawan. Khasiat tongkat madura sangat ampuh dan langsung terasa manfaatnya. Khasiat tongkat madura bagi para wanita baca info berikut.


2017.09.16 23:00
Cara terbaik untuk menurunkan berat badan adalah dengan mengganti nasi putih yang biasa dikonsumsi sehari-hari dengan nasi beras merah. Banyak para pakar kesehatan yang menganjurkan agar kita sering mengkonsumsi beras merah karena kandungan di dalam beras sangat baik bagi kesehatan tubuh dan juga diet sehat. Tips menurunkan berat badan dengan nasi merah ini sudah mewabah hingga ke kalangan papan atas, termasuk juga artis. Cara menurunkan berat badan dengan nasi merah buka tautan link.
Salah satu manfaat bawang putih tunggal atau biasa disebut dengan bawang lanang adalah untuk membersihkan toksin jahat yang berada di dalam tubuh manusia. Untuk itu, setidaknya setiap hari gunakanlah bawang putih tunggal sebagai bumbu masakan, karena selain rasanya yang melezatkan, manfaat bawang putih tunggal bagi kesehatan dan kecantikan juga sangat berlimpah. Manfaat bawang putih tunggal lanang baca link terkait.
Belajar tentang kesehatan dan cara mencegah agar tidak terkena penyakit yang mematikan seperti diabetes, jantung dan kanker. Serta informasi cara merawat wajah agar tampil cantik maksimal lihat website terkait.
Ada banyak bahan alami yang bisa dipakai untuk mengatasi jerawat dan menghilangkan bekasnya. Tips menghilangkan jerawat dengan bahan tradisional ini dijamin ampuh dan tidak memiliki dampak negatif bagi kesehatan tubuh. Bahan alami tersebut antara lain madu, jeruk nipis, lemon, minyak zaitun, bengkoang, mentimun dan yang lainnya. Ini adalah cara menghilangkan bopeng bekas jerawat yang berlubang dengan efektif dan efisien. Cara menghilangkan bopeng bekas jerawat dengan cepat klik tautan terkait.
Harga produk organizer rak sepatu gantung resleting bila membeli secara online berkisar 50.000 rupiah saja. Tentu ini termasuk harga yang murah karena rak sepatu gantung ini terdiri dari 10 susun dan bisa menyimpan sepatu hingga 10 pasang. Bila beli secara offline harga grosir rak sepatu gantung karakter resleting ini dihargai 75.000 rupiah. Jual grosir rak sepatu gantung resleting murah meriah info selengkapnya.
Harga grosir rak tas gantung motif karakter hello kitty cuma 48.000 rupiah dan syarat pembelian minimal 12 pcs. Ukuran rak tas gantung resleting ini sangat besar dan terdiri dari 5 susun. Masing-masing susun disekat dan triplek tebal. Selain tempat tas, rak tas dari plastik gantung murah ini juga bisa dijadikan tempat boneka atau yang lainnya. Jual rak tas gantung organizer karakter murah baca info disini.
Kami masih buka harga promosi untuk produk organizer rak jilbab gantung organizer. Harga eceran rak gantungan jilbab unik ini cuma 15.000 rupiah saja. Masa promosi produk ini selama 1 bulan. Anda bebas memilih motif karakter pada rak jilbab gantung murah ini sesuai dengan pilihan favorit. Kami jual rak jilbab gantung yang sangat berkualitas. Jual rak jilbab gantung harga murah baca halaman terkait.
Di pasaran banyak tongkat madura asli dan palsu yang beredar. Anda harus bisa membedakan dengan baik,.Ciri-ciri tongkat madura asli adalah memiliki warna yang cerah, tidak mudah patah, beraroma rempah-rempah da khasiatnya sangat ampuh. Dengan sekali pakai tongkat madura asli maka akan langsung terasa manfaatnya. Harga tongkat madura asli cuma 99.000 rupiah saja jika beli secara online. Berapa harga tongkat madura asli klik artikel tertaut.
Bagi para ibu rumahtangga tangga yang baru saja melahirkan dan ingin mengembalikan bentuk tubuh seperti saat belum hamil maka sebaiknya mengkonsumsi jamu galian singset asli. Khasiat dari ramuan jamu galian singset ini adalah untuk mengecilkan perut, paha dan pinggang habis melahirkan supaya menjadi singset kembali. Jamu galian singset Madura baca info berikut.
Produk jamu kuat tahan lama ini khusus untuk pria yang ingin membuktikan keperkasaannya di ranjang saat bercinta dengan pasangan. Ramuan tradisional jamu kuat tahan lama ini bisa Anda racik sendiri menggunakan bahan-bahan alami tradisional. Kalau membuat sendiri jamu kuat tahan lama maka dijamin ampuh. Jamu kuat tahan lama bercinta hingga pagi hari klik artikel terkait.


2018.04.19 20:13
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2018.10.02 06:06

گر برای بار اول است که خودروی شما توسط نیروی  انتظامی به پارکینگ خلافی منتقل شده، بهتر است کمی وقت گذاشته و مراحل ترخیص خودرو توقیفی و ترخیص خودرو تصادفی را مطالعه کنید تا حداقل کمتر دچار دردسر و تلف شدن زمان شوید. جدای از اینکه انتقال خودرو به پارکینگ توسط جرثقیل‌های نیروی انتظامی همیشه دارای احتمال آسیب رسیدن به بدنه خودرو و سیستم تعلیق است، بیشتر ناراحتی مالکان، روند خارج کردن ازسامانه پارکینگ ناجا و پرداخت جریمه خلافی است.

  برای استعلام میزان  خلافی و مشاهده جریمه رانندگی به سامانه پرداخت جریمه خلافی مراجعه کنید.

در این مقاله فرآیند خارج کردن خودرو از پارکینگ و کارهایی که باید قبل و بعد از آن را انجام پرداخت قبض تلفن ثابت دهید شرح خواهیم داد. البته علاوه بر پارک در محل‌های ممنوع دلایل دیگر همچون تخلفات رانندگی سنگین همانند سرعت بیش از ح د مجاز، همراه نداشتن مدارک اصلی ماشین و گواهینامه، تصادف وعدم پرداخت جریمهخلافی ماشین و یا موتور سیکلیت  ... نیز می تواند موجب توقیف  پرداخت rfq   و پرداخت قبض همراه اول و پرداخت قبض خودرو و انتقال آن به پارکینگ راهور گردد. در هر حال برای  استعلام خودرو و خارج کردن  خودرو توقیف شده از پارکنیگ با کمترین دردسر حتما کارهای زیر را انجام دهید.



2018.11.20 23:21
umah dia menemukan buku sihir hitam yang ditinggalka
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