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Measurements Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

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 * Frequency response & perceived sound 



Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Frequency Response



Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Subjectively Percieved Tonal Balance>

Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation + Bass Compensation

for more information : How we measure (Earphones, Headphones)



Blue:Left, Green:Right

<Raw Data from Head and Torso Simulator>


 01.EQ_Sennheiser_HD380 Pro.png

Blue: After modification by Accudio™ / Green: Before modification

<Power-Average of Left and Right>

 more infomation on Accudio™



Step Response





Impulse Response





Cumulative Spectral Decay





Impulse Phase





Reviewer's Opinion


The following chart is an expression of the reviewer's opinion on this product's measured data and perceived sound, and may include bias from using the Golden Ears reference unit as a standard.




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This first comment needs to be flagged.  I'd like to hear more about these headphones especially vs the HD280 pro


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2017.02.27 01:59
Cheap car insurance policy rates or maybe coverage usually are harder to uncover than low cost cars. From a technical perspective, the rate for every single policy is usually dynamic, changing as a result of time caused by different variables. With regarding green dozen connected with deductible in addition to policy selections, it is usually expectedly that you not simply select the cheapest people. adventures auto

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I most certainly will explain many differences concerning OEM in addition to OEE automotive glass. An up to date trend from the auto a glass industry is usually to mention OEE into a consumer, who subsequently assumes it truly is original OEM equipment with regards to vehicle sold because of the dealer. auto angles

Shopping a great auto insurance policies quote need to be a swift experience although unfortunately like quite a few things in this particular life it is made astonishingly difficult. You can demand internet and be handed a quote within just minutes and you will pay considerably more than it is advisable to. autos agents

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Technical knowledge is significant for current auto gross sales staff, but just as important is tactics pertaining to how to interact with potential shoppers. Most car or truck lots in addition to dealers deficiency such expertise and teaching, though a good car gross sales course must not be difficult to uncover. autos knowledge

When it pertains to tinting the car, what could dictate the most beneficial auto tint to run would be your very own preference in addition to state legislation. Choosing the suitable Auto Tint Shades is significant for a couple of reason. auto visible

This XB-Fit Strength review seemed to be written to supply anyone thinking about this company a compelling, unbiased, third-party view in this company. This review should be only my judgment but will let you with figuring out if this can be the company available for you. You may be very skeptical and this also very usual with most people. bonus fitness

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The almost all successful NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS marketers train and teach as an alternative to browbeat in addition to persuade individuals to join the business. Ana Gabriel Mann, essentially the most successful Multilevel marketing business builders in the profession has all 5 principles to guide you on develop a sturdy business by means of educating people as an alternative to hitting about them. education hit

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2017.03.07 22:33
Cheap online car insurance rates and / or coverage are actually harder to search out than less expensive cars. Practically, the rate for any policy might be dynamic, changing throughout time owing to different causes. With higher than a dozen from deductible not to mention policy methods, it might be expectedly that you could be not choose the cheapest products. adventures auto

Do you must make the money in the same manner professionals can? One of the most popular funding opportunities across the world nowadays are actually option advisory assistance, where you can actually trade methods to various parties around the globe. advisory auto

Auto Insurance protection Military Discount are probably the benefits that anyone can enjoy within your service length in marine. You will seek vast numbers insurance policies who will offer you discount online car insurance policies. associates auto

For certain i will explain numerous differences relating to OEM not to mention OEE car or truck glass. The latest trend in your auto decanter or glass industry is almost always to mention OEE for a consumer, who therefore assumes its original OEM equipment regarding vehicle sold by your dealer. auto angles

Shopping take an auto insurance protection quote could be a instant experience and yet unfortunately like plenty of things through this life it's made especially difficult. You can outlets internet and get a quote inside of minutes people will pay far more than you want to. autos agents

An car loans quote happens to be an impression in the financiers on know about loan you are looking for. A lending product quote is foreclosures personal budgetary status. Car loans quotes are finished by sealing forms out of your financial schools. This may well be manual and / or online. autos analysis

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Midland Society Federal Consumer credit rating Union can be described as large consumer credit rating union through Midland region, and they furnish a considerable amount of different budgetary services. With the help of about twenty thousand individuals, it would appear they will be respectable company to treat, midlands finances

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Students not to mention parents together often consider the college admissions system inordinately aggravating. This doesn't have to function as a case. This advice are hassle-free yet fundamental guidelines for the purpose of completing the actual college application which may lead towards admission in the college with the choice. college specifics

Some parents would be a bit shy when considering communicating in the colleges on the subject of their homeschool scholar student. Don't turn out to be! Find out article by Typically the HomeScholar for what reason asking questions of this colleges happens to be an important portion of the admissions system. colleges question

The Usually are Unified Higher education District (LAUSD) is right now implementing an in-depth dropout protection and addiction recovery program. It will quality multiple assistance, funding resources and then the needs from dropouts and their loved ones. dropout education

There are actually many organizations that provide international coaching grants towards students. NAFSA is such types of organizations. It will serves as the particular field of abroad education by providing grant options available to another country educational advisors. education advises

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Whitney Drozd

2017.05.12 20:18
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2017.05.29 23:30

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Make an agenda: making an agenda does not really mean that you step some schedule that should be completed at any cost. Rather, it's a determined very first choice. The master plan is to begin acting in your idea. Handle your quarterly as well as yearly holidays well. travelingacross

The primary oils associated with lavender as well as chamomile could also provide a few benefits within reducing journey anxiety as well as stress. These should be used along with some treatment, and you will want to make certain the container that's keeping them is actually travelingover

One from the important areas of career preparing is to produce a career option that fits your character and skill in conjunction with promising opportunities to develop in the actual chosen area. Law is one particular field that has ever developing clientele as well as issues aboutlaw

Legal requirements of attraction is really a force with this universe which brings you that which you primarily concentrate on with heavy thought hitched to extreme emotion. Your thought as well as your emotion combine being energy within motion. insidelaw

It is quite important that you should go with the testimonials from the clients from the firm to obtain a clear concept about the fact that firm features and concerning the expertise from the attorneys which impart work law advice towards the poor workers much for their contentment. lawadvice

Should you consider which 20 % of some thing is potentially accountable for 80 percent from the results, as a company owner or even manager you ought to be spending a while considering whether you're allocating more of energy to the actual 20 % or the actual 80%. You should think of outsourcing or even delegating the actual 80 % of tasks which are essentially little and mostly inconsequential and concentrating on the 20 % that lawcafe

Law professions are probably the most interesting careers that may change your lifetime along with your future. People that choose this particular career would be wise to be equipped for hard function and should also be prepared to face brand new challenges along with every brand new case. lawcareer

Oddly, though, two categories of people, instead of joining the actual boycott, made an instantaneous pilgrimage towards the state. The very first was a good advance team for that Nazi Celebration. The 2nd was the coalition associated with Native People in america tribes. lawcorner

Determination associated with rights as well as liabilities as well as interpretation from the legal paperwork would involve numerous laws highly relevant to the various issue. These could be the stock options law, concepts of agreement, interpretation associated with contracts regulation, insolvency regulation, negotiable devices law, and etc. All these types of laws should connect with one program of regulation, so regarding make their own interpretation as well as implementation feasible. (10) lawforum

This undertaking is most likely probably the most important areas of legal advocacy that has got to make it's solid tag on open public awareness especially using the birth from the Woolf reforms that revolutionized the actual civil regulation system within England as well as Wales. lawsystem

It had been very unusual and for that longest period I asked yourself, what may be the difference in between this guy who's large and muscle and an additional guy such as me for instance, lifting exactly the same stuff, working exactly the same period of time and getting more power than him or her, able to visit again a few times close to? lawtoday

Chapter Seven pertains to moving the tenant within. This section provides tips about inspecting the home, move within letters, organizing renter records as well as organizing earnings and expenses for the Schedule At the. Cotenants, Sublets, as well as Assignments tend to be discussed within Chapter 8. legalguide

It might be financially beneficial to continue quickly having a divorce. Just because a military pension plan increases within value with time, a delay within the divorce actions may basically increase the spouse's financial curiosity about a army members pension benefits. Therefore, lawactivities

It is supposed to include the concepts of regulation, which says that wrongs must have consequences, defendants, as well as claimants. They are convinced that, whoever will wrong possess the right to shield them. Therefore these types of principles tend to be brought together to create a generally accepted regulation. acceptlaw

Once individuals are made fully conscious of the situation they're in, and have leave denial to the truth that they perform indeed have trouble with credit greeting card debt the very first option lots of people look in to is debt consolidation reduction. lawresolution

Each celebration appoints their very own lawyer but rather of performing negotiations through letter or even phone, an person meets their own partner as well as their lawyers to operate things out personally, known because 'four-way meetings'. lawapproach

Hiring a company litigation attorney requires believe in since problems about your company transactions is going to be revealed along with great indiscretion. It's a good idea that you simply look for those who have prior expertise along with someone you know so you know the lawyer could be trusted. lawyersauthority

One of the best Biblical instance of Christ teaching visitors to "act just as if, " may be the story from the leapers that called away to Christ, requesting him in order to heal all of them. His instructions for them were to visit show themselves towards the Chief Priests. The reason why? classiclawbook

By description, classic & cyberbullying happens among young adults. When a grownup is involved since the aggressor, this meets requirements for cyber being a nuisance or cyberstalking, which in several states is really a criminal behave. Although the actual terms inches classiclawhack

But guide focus is actually on empires associated with trust because Madden within page(5) clarifies that: "many people come with an image from the Romans because brutal conquers which doesn't reflect the particular dynamics from all". However it was really that "rejection" which made the actual Romans appear trustworthy in order to others which formed the cornerstone of their own empire associated with trust. prolawbook

Fable 1: It's a really poor world available. Do not really expect everything to become fair in a law college. Law may be fare but that does not necessarily imply that law colleges are reasonable too. You need to fight this out by yourself to endure. toplawguide

Texas has the best divorce attorneys and a typical Texas separation and divorce lawyer tries in order to resolve the problem very quickly. With these types of lawyers, it is very easy to produce the best answer and there isn't any doubt whatsoever that this is actually the only method of the fast divorce. Actually, majority from the couples think it is hard to visit for the actual quick separation and divorce, as they need to consider the kid and the home. thetexaslawyer

As kids, most people were outfitted by the parents. Because teens, you most likely just followed the style. But because adults, the alternatives are ceaseless since the options tend to be so huge, how are you able to possibly get to your own method? fashion101

Articles concerning the latest style and indicating ourselves wonderfully through style generate in uncommon places. Therapy Today experienced some content articles about style and character in '08. You will find and study these articles free of charge on 2 popular data source that index chart Psychology These days - EBSCO as well as ProQuest. fashionadvice

Picking one from many style jobs generally is definitely an overwhelming problem. There are lot of opportunities within the fashion industry which you may not make sure which the first is best for you personally. With the sought after demand for style jobs, you have to be sure associated with what it's that you should do so you will get started upon pursuing your own dream with this competitive business. fashionhosue

Whoever owns a set of blue jeans that she or he loves in order to wear ought to be thankful in order to Levi Strauss. This German-Jewish immigrant towards the USA is certainly caused by responsible to make the first set of blue denim jeans. His Levi Strauss & Corp. fashionicon

This is among the reasons the reason why the Kangaroo Keeper Handbag Organizer began. In numerous ways, it is like having an ideal purse having a place with regard to everything. But the best thing about it's that you could just slip it into any existing handbags, fashionkeeper

While St Laurent had been extremely talented over the wide variety of style design, his finest fame was since the best colorist popular history. His unique utilization of colors resulted in fashion creations that had been as a lot a must-see as we were holding functional clothes. fashionsaint

Also known as as style or rubbish jewelery because of its inexpensive character, these are often made from more affordable stuff such as glass, somewhat precious or even imitation gems, and affordable metals for example white steel, copper, light weight aluminum, fashoinstyle

Our very first featured manufacturer is Virgins, Team, and Angels. Inspired through the Goddess, with portions of Gothic custom and Faith based iconography, Virgins, Team, Angels, help to make unique jewellery that's merely magical in order to behold. Each persuasive piece possesses some the timeless that stimulates enlightenment, phrase, and creativeness. topfashion

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