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Measurements SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 (Korean Version)

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Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed.


Decoder Test

 1.WAV Test Result (Lossless File)



Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz



2. FLAC Test Result (Lossless File)



Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz


3. WMA Test Result



Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz



4. AAC Test Result



Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz



5. OGG Test Result



Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz



6. MP3 Test Result



Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz



Amplifier Test 

A given headphone output may accommodate many different headphones - in general, a smaller load impedance (on headphones) will lead to a larger sound, but at cost of accuracy in measurable data due to the increased current - this cost usually manifests in an increasingly weak bass and elevated crosstalk values as the load impedance decreases. The purpose of the tests to follow is to see how these values change as a function of impedance.



R33:33Ω / R62:62Ω / R250:250Ω

Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz / SAMSUNG Galaxy S2




R33:33Ω / R62:62Ω / R250:250Ω

Test Mode : 24bit, 44.1kHz




Output Impedance

A lower impedance is desirable on the headphone outputs of amplifiers. The output impedance is closely related to the damping factor, and is one of the most important parameters that determine headphones' performance - desktop amps tend to exhibit high impedance values, corresponding to poor performance.


Interaction between output impedance and phones 



<The output impedance of european version Galaxy S2 may differ from korean one due to the measure to abide by EU regulation.>  

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The very last post addressed the benefits of comprehension 'whys. ' Therefore, the next sensible 'why' will be to answer: The key reason why play physical activities? That concern opens your 'can with worms' because there are actually in truth a few other questions that has to be answered ahead of 'why play' can actually be driven.

Algebra will not be a very difficult nut so that you can crack for many of the students. They believe that it is really tricky to memorize all of the formulae and after that apply these folks properly while in the application challenges. This is why finishing a algebra homework is actually a tedious job to deal with.

Participating around sport regardless of the it is definitely specifically, offers lots of values which will easily often be forgotten. It is the point of your article so that you can perhaps bring these important areas back up to conscious place.

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This vision is definitely that anyone should bring under its wings, without disturbing the earlier structure with "training", all little potential sportsperson while in the age list of 8 ages to 17 years plus 15 ages to 21/25 ages, for providing soft capabilities and emotionally charged literacy.

The exhilaration of your trail, the bumps of your road, flying for a couple of seconds for a small pile and to a little fish pond, just so that you can emerge in opposition slightly muddy whilst still being riding is a dream of each one mountain biker who definitely have ever been down a plan trail.

Watches will be something that every one of united states fascinates while you get lots of features inside of a wrist look at then obviously it would the best option for absolutely everyone. Watches will be something, which ended up being initially directed at tell you actually time for you to have your disciplined plus punctual everyday living.

Sure, one may possibly argue we're in the course of an downturn in the economy, that persons are spending a reduced amount of on deluxe items, the fact that tourism field is troubled, but really don't kid you. Marketing sports continues to a money-making business. It always is; it always might be.

Surgical Technologists, often called surgical employees or high tech techs, have for ages been organ of the allied health profession this caters primarily to high tech assistance in advance of, during, and after surgical procedure.

Broadly engaging, the name 'communications technology' can consult any technology so that its buyers to communicate with one another. Using the following (indeed loose) distinction, two-way radios and cellular phones fall on the category with 'communications technology'.

Failing to protect the LAPTOP is the most widespread reason people today contact computer support and get rid of unnecessary capital. Here will be some straightforward strategies you may implement to protect your LAPTOP and increase its operation.

In this point in time, Information Know-how services are especially but key. With practically every business automating and also digitizing it has the processes plus increasing the quality of work executed through computers and various technology towers, there is undoubtedly an increasing really need to understand and pick the right kind with tech aid.

Ice Sphere Tech has finally defeated most of the most important questions taken water fanatics were generally demanding years with a introduction on the brand-new ice-cubes round pattern that makes certain beautifully game ice balls when.

Computers absolutely are a necessity in any businesses lately. From bookkeeping so that you can inventory, many of the businesses currently have computerized performs. As as a result of this dependence on computers, maintaining them has brought a front side seat.

Thermolyte is actually a technology this Totes Boot easily use in all their boots. Thermolyte is actually a high computer material that could provide you actually the relaxation and warmth you require for you a in winter. This technology can even keep you a dry for the reason that it's waterproof.

Electronics just like phones, ipods, cams and digital camera car car keys, as perfectly as a credit card and hard cash, are in a wide range of beach-goer's travelling bag. While smothering valuables less than your towel along at the beach might make you come to feel better, realistically the grade of little safeguards from theft as long as you're out enjoying this type of water.

With records of extraordinary growth (plus glowing sales forecasts), cloud computing have taken an enterprise hold of your industry. You can find now a gentle stream with migration with the old server variety models to that new paradigm around Internet and home business.

Without neglect, anytime your juicy dose of new know-how hits this marketplace, the exorbitant package price puts it outside reach to get even the center class People. One of your latest pioneering technological advances, Dyson's surroundings multiplier, is not a exception. Dyson now offers the most ludicrously pricey fan available.

Brainwave know-how has continually remained a compelling field with study who has changed exactly how people perspective the mind prior to now. The technology may actually enhance a performance within your brain plus mind in this particular great way which will you to make greater being successful in everyday living.

With xmas quickly drawing near to, we all set out to pull out favorable old relatives recipes that are in all of our families to get generations. I normally like to brew a new recipe ingredients to this collection plus add a further traditional dish/dessert.

Surely you may have heard never once that a great many people will be exercising at your house and you may have probably wondered what the heck is that supposed to be about. Well performing exercises at dwelling means home heath care treatment. It is easier, and its a good method to burn fats and calorie all through the comfort of your abode.

I appeared to be surprised out of what Concerning learned pertaining to barbers plus barber clippers and We're sharing them here on hand. Before, I appeared to be thinking who seem to the heck would be curious about such barber clippers but identified that lots of people go in love with these information.

Positive thoughts said with the heart by way of people in whose opinion most people value mean considerably to united states. Compliments will be like compact but pretty valuable gift ideas - them feels fine both to receive one and then to give a person. And, not surprisingly, we should still do it, at good times, and the majority of importantly out of our soul.

How wonderfully our body works together to set-up movement! Enable you to move the whole amount range we can accomplish on a daily basis tasks, and take favorite passions or hobbies we love. Everybody requires a favorite leisure activity.

Pets can are afflicted with chemical reactions similar to humans, but compared with humans can't let's you know they're around trouble right until its very late. Rather then take the chance on chemical like flea plus tick resilient, try these homemade remedies.



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